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Action & outdoor activities

Some of the most thrilling, audacious activities for the hen weekend with a difference. Why allow the boys to have all of the fun?!

Invoke your inner Lara Croft and show the lads that we really aren’t to messed with. Lock and load for an intense paintball session, climb over obstacles during an assault course; push the pedal to the pedal whilst off-roading… Trust us, there’s so much action in here, Schwarzenegger would be impressed!

Other activities

All our Hen party Action & outdoor activities

  • Assault Course

    Assault Course

    Assault courses offer the opportunity to enjoy some sisterly bonding as the courses are purpose-built to deepen bonds between participants as you work together to complete the circuit. Unless you want to make it competitive and call it every girl for herself: the choice is yours. For those seeking a break from all that boring pampering, this is the ideal option to subvert the banal and obvious hen weekend options.

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Clay Pigeon Shooting

    If you have never tried this action packed hen party activity then you’re missing out! You’ll have a trained professional with you at all times and you’ll get the chance to improve and show off your sniper skills as you take aim for the clay pigeons in the air. You’ll get plenty of time to practice and perfect your shooting beforehand we promise and once you'll get the hang of it - you’ll be absolutely hooked! 

  • Coasteering


    The beautiful Newquay coast plays host to this unique hen activity that offers you the chance to scale cliffs in a rather fetching skin-tight rubber suit. Safety equipment is also provided and included in the price; all you need to bring is yourself and your nerves of steel. If sea level traversing, rock climbing, cliff jumping and swimming into sea caves sounds like your cup of me, you'll love this adrenalin-soaked activity.

  • Buggies


    If you think is activity is like driving into town to stock up on your weekly essentials - it's not! Oh no, this is going to be rough and tumble drive over muddy terrain that‘ll have you gripping the wheel and howling with glee. So if you’re the kind of hen who loves to drive fast and really feel the pedal hit the metal then we recommend this activity. It’s fast paced, exciting, a little bit different and really good fun!

  • Hen Party Paintballing


    We all know about the ferocity of feminine rivalry. Chances are there’s one hen that you can't stand - what better way to alleviate your grievance by opening fire on your aggravation? Ok, we saw what happened on Biker Grove. We promise she won't share PJ's fate if she keeps goggles on. She might be annoying but you don’t want to blind her, do you? Hen weekends don't come much more fun than this!

  • Quad Biking

    Quad Biking

    We have access to the best quad-biking venues providing a safe, professional but more importantly fun activity for your hen party. If you've ever been go-karting, you're somewhere close to the adrenalin that you'll experience in these racers. Ok, so Ozzy Osbourne came-a-cropper at the hands of one of these, but lest we forget, he also used to bites off bat's heads, so we're sure you'll be fine on your hen weekend! 

  • Hen Party Go Karting

    Go Karting Outdoor

    Go-karts are a great way to race against your friends during your hen do. Admittedly helmet hair isn’t great but once you hit the track and start swerving and racing, we’re sure you’ll soon forget about it! After all, this is a great activity for hens that want something laid back, active and fun (without having to don blister inducing heels!) Besides there’ll be plenty of time for silly (yet fab) shoes later on!

  • Off roading

    Off Roading

    Off road driving is very different from driving on the road, so if you’ve never tried this thrilling experience then why not give it a go? It’s fun. Fast paced and will certainly be a talking point for months to come afterwards. Plus you’ll get to learn some useful techniques for driving on rough and unforgiving terrain that we’re sure will impress anyone. So grab your girls and give the heels and day off! 

  • Archery Hen Do


    "Look into my eyes, and you will see..." Ahem... come on, as if you need an excuse to crank up Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do..." on the way to your hen weekend, after all a spot of archery in the afternoon is bound to evoke images of gorgeous men in tights! Leave the merry men at home though; archery is a test of your precision, concentration and a fun challenge for the afternoon of your hen party.

  • Zorbing


    There's a moment while you're rolling down an English hillside, somersaulting around inside a three-metre PVC ball where you wonder: how did it come to this? Fear not, zorbing is as sickeningly fun as it is nauseating. Definitely one to try before you start on the hen weekends ration of gin, the sensation of zorbing is often compared to being inside a washing machine - without the water.

  • White Water Rafting Hen Do

    White Water Rafting

    There's no better hangover cure than the spray of water from the hazardous waters that play host to this exhilarating water sport. A true test of team-spirit and courage, this is a far cry from theme park imitations as your crew, a wooden paddle and an inflatable raft are your only guardians against the raging elements. They even throw in a life jacket if you ask nicely - safety first on this hen do!

  • Treasure Hunt

    Pub Treasure Hunt

    Head-scratching clues, scaling cities and case-busting files - that's elementary, my dear Watson. Our treasure hunts leave you breathless following clues around your city to uncover treasure. This hunt can be tailored for you making it a fun way to explore the city and build camaraderie between you and the girls. Taking in the streets, treasure hunts are great entertainment for a truly hands-on hen weekend.

  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

    Saddle up and canter, trot or gallop across beautiful stretches of  the English countryside in an activity that is as peaceful or exhilarating as you choose for it to be! You and yours will have a friendly instructor is on hand to guide beginners and experts alike in best horse riding practice.Hone you cowgirl skills, work on your dressage or simply enjoy a calm tread to conserve energy forthe hen night ahead.

  • Wakeboarding Hen Party Ideas


    There’s more to the beach than just sun bathing, reading on the sands and topping up the tan! There is the ocean after all and it would be a waste to just ignore it. So for the hens who want to hit the waves and show the boys just what we’re made of, we introduce to you wakeboarding. This exiting, water sport that involves you, in the ocean, on a board being pulled along by a boat (believe us it’s not as hard as it sounds!)

  • Kayaking


    Summon the spirit of Pocahontas and slip into one of these narrow boats to glide (or thrash) your way around the river bend on an action-packed hen party weekend with your best girls. Try not to capsize and use your paddle to negotiate the sometimes stormy seas. However if you should encounter some 16th century British pilgrims, perhaps voiced by Mel Gibson, you have gone too far.

  • West Country games for Hen party

    West Country Games

    If you want to have a go at something wacky and really different then this is the activity you need to pick. It’s laugh out loud fun and will have everybody fondly remembering it long after the hen weekend is over! Some of it will involve you scrambling across inflatable obstacle courses, breathing in the country air, and once you’re done - you’ll have unforgettable hen memories!

  • Its a Knockout

    Its a Knockout

    Recall your old school sport's days and take part in your very own episode of "It's a Knockout" during the hen do! For the uninitiated, "It's a Knockout" was a TV game show in the 1980s where participants donned large,foam rubber suits across a series of challenges. With a bottle of bubbly for the victor, there's no excuse not to get in the competitive spirit, once you've stopped laughing at the ridiculous costumes!

  • Water Skiing


    Well, if it's good enough for royalty... Prince William chose Water-Skiing / Wake Boarding for his stag weekend, but it's certainly no gender-specific activity, these water sports are fun for everyone. These sports were adapted from the alpine version of skiing and boarding - the addition of a length of cable to a speedboat enabling riders to enjoy high-speeds atop the water's surface on a water sports hen weekend.