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    • Belly Dancing

      Belly Dancing Experience

      The seductive art of belly dancing is one that has been long appreciated by people all over the world, and now you can learn this ancient dance technique with all your girlfriends during your hen weekend. Focusing primarily on your core and ‘solo torso articulation’, you and your friends will be taught by a professional dance instructor who will go through the various belly dancing techniques with you. So that by the end of your two hour lesson you’ll be doing Ribcage figure 8’s and Chou chou shimmies with confidence in no time!

    • Hen do Boat Parties

      Boat Party

      If you’re visiting a city by the sea then you may as well take advantage of it. What do we mean by that? Well why party on land when you should be partying… on a boat! This 3 hour cruise has an on board bar so make sure you bring some cash for drinks. There will also be a spot for some on board dancing too, as well as optional games if you fancy immersing yourself in some silly fun. Drinks, music, games and the fresh sea air fun times! Need we really say more??  

    • Bollywood

      Bollywood Experience

      If you crave something energetic and colourful for your hen party then this is the activity to book! Our Bollywood dance class is full of life and is guaranteed to be the perfect ice breaker. The class lasts about two hours and you and your hens will get your very own professional dance instructor to teach you all the moves. Remember though that this activity is laugh out loud fun and high energy, so make sure you wear unrestrictive clothing (and a change of clothes for afterwards!)

    • Burlesque

      Burlesque Experience

      Shake and shimmy your way to Burlesque perfection with our fun and relaxed dance class. More about the art of seduction than the act of stripping, Burlesque is a cheeky activity for hens who want to have a giggle during the big weekend. Props will be provided by your professional dance instructor who will teach you everything you need to know about this art form. The class itself is two hours long, so wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of clothes for afterwards! Alternatively you could immerse yourself fully and get dressed up in your best Moulin Rouge outfit and really go for it!

    • Can Can Hen Parties

      Can Can Experience

      Get ready for a weekend of French styled fun with these dance lessons! Expect over two hours of energetic dancing and high kicking moves as our professional dance instructor will teach you routines that will have everyone saying - Oh la la! Before you arrive for your lesson make sure you bring a change of clothes and wear flat shoes, as Can Can is a high intensity dance! Can can skirts will be provided so you will really get the full experience and because it’s such a visual dance make sure you bring a camera to take some souvenir snaps!

    • Cheerleading

      Cheerleading Experience

      When it comes to dancing there’s nothing quite as fun and friendly as cheerleading. So if you want to shake your poms poms and really feel like a unit then this is the dance class to go for. Speaking of poms poms, you won’t need to bring anything but your smile as we’ll supply the props. Just make sure you wear comfortable clothes that allow for flexibility because for two hours you’ll be jumping, shaking and making moves that wouldn’t look out of place in any cheer squad.

    • Adonis Cabaret

      Adonis Cabaret Show

      Who doesn’t love a bit of eye candy and surely before the big day the bride should be allowed to enjoy some before she becomes a taken lady? Now by enjoy, we mean visually appreciate of course; so if you like the idea of watching ridiculously ripped and fit men dance and entertain then you and your ladies need a dose of Adonis Cabaret! Before the show you and your ladies will get a chance to mingle over a drink and tuck into a cold finger food buffet. Once the show starts you’ll be in for over two hours of comedic stripper fun. But that isn't all, because after the show you get automatic access to Cameo & Myu nightclub!

    • Butlers in the Buff Hen Party Ideas

      Butler in the Buff

      Before the big day, we believe that the bride should be waited on hand and foot.  Not by her hens of course, but by a hunky butler who is ready to prepare her food, pour her drinks, and generally just entertain her. Sound good? Of course it does! So if you really fancy treating the bride to some cheeky pampering, this is it. Please keep in mind though that the butlers can only be hired for private venues (so no clubs or restaurants) and that their aprons must remain on at all times ladies!

    • Casino Hen Parties

      Free Casino Entry

      Get ready to (potentially) win big during the hen weekend with free entry into Genting Casino - Bournemouth’s top casino! You and the girls will have access to some classic gambling games such as American Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Electronic Roulette and £4,000 jackpot slot machines! So you have a chance to win some extra wine money for the rest of the hen weekend. Just remember to bring some I.D with you (just in case), and if you win big then make sure you spend it wisely (wine is always wise…).

    • Night Clubbing

      Friday Nightclub Entry

      Housing 3 different types of rooms, this brilliant nightclub is where the most stylish Bournemouth party goers go to, and you’ll find plenty of them there because the club can hold over 2,000 revellers! Inside Cameo & Myu you’ll find the Lava, Ignite & Disco rooms, each with their own unique theme and music so there’ll be something for everyone during the big night out. There are also VIP booths available if you want to add a touch more class to proceedings. Just remember that there’s no fancy dress allowed (we did say stylish after all didn’t we?) and bring some I.D. just in case the bouncer doesn’t think you’re older than 21!

    • Pre Club Bar

      Friday Pre-Club Bar Entry

      Make the ideal start to your hen weekend in Bournemouth with a bit of dancing (and maybe even a few drinks). Forget about walking around the centre of Bournemouth trying to decide where to go next, just add this to your weekend package and your names will go down on the list. Yates has just been refurbished too, with a great dance floor and a new lighting and sound system for the DJ to play all those floor fillers. The bar is also close to the rest of Bournemouth’s nightlife, so you won’t need to venture far once you decide to move onto the next bar or club.

    • Hen do Boat Parties

      Party Boat Cruise,

      It’s all aboard the good ship Dorset Queen for the ultimate party boat cruise, setting sail out of Poole Harbour before cruising past the islands and bays. The boat will set sail for three hours, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy dancing away on the open seas. Food is included, and you’ll find a fully licenced bar offering plenty of alcoholic beverages. You don’t have to dance for the full three hours though, there is also a lounge area to relax, and a wonderful upper deck where you can look out to sea, or back towards land and enjoy the scenery of the evening. Following your cruise you’ll be back on dry land, ready to head back into Bournemouth city centre for a night on the tiles.