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        Belly Dancing
        Master the exotic dance of the east. Shake your booty as you learn shimmies, snake arms and body isolations while you discover the exotic seductress within.
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        Hen do Boat Parties
        Sit back and relax as you zip through the crystal clear sea. Free flowing beer, sangria, and a spot of gunbathing.
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        Learn some cool Bollywood moves with a professional dance teacher. Classical Indian, Bhangra Fusion and some modern hip hop Bollywood.
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        Bring out the sexy vixen in a party and learn the flirty moves that make burlesque so much fun! You'll be giving Dita von Teese a run for her money.
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        Can Can Hen Parties
        Some good old fashioned high kicking Moulin Rouge style fun. You will learn a variety of basic moves, tricks and routines that will come together in a full chorus.
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        Gimme an F..! Gimme a U.. ! Gimme an N...! What have you got...FUN! The experienced choreographers teach you a cheerleading routine to a song of your choice.
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        This Chicago experience is a fantastic girly event that combines fun with fitness. The girls will learn dance steps stylised by resident choreographer.
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        Chocolate Making
        Chocolate making has got to be one of the best possible ways to spend a hen weekend, if not the best. Learn the art of the chocolatier.
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        Cocktail Making

        Learn about the art and history of cocktails before making some of your own with this amazing masterclass! Welcome drinks, canapes, games, and more are included here, and are followed by a two course meal.

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        Dirty Dancing Hen Do
        Make like baby on the dancefloor with this fantastic Dirty Dancing experience. You will learn to shake your hips. You will have the time of your lives!
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        Dodgeball Hen Parties
        You can actually play it?! Absolutely! If youre new to all this dodgeball malarkey then all you need to know is that dodgeball is a sport that anyone can play, it is an absolute hoot. When else do you get the chance to dress up silly, throw stuff at your mates (balls not wrenches!) and have a few drinks as well.
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        Fame Hen Weekends
        Always wanted to be the kids from Fame? Learn the moves with a choreographer in the fantastic 80s experience!
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        Fascinator Making
        Express your own style and start your night off with a fascinator workshop. Create a hat that will look great for your special night out.
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        Foreplay Lessons
        Learn some new tricks and techniques with our saucy seduction lessons. The ideal activity for the outgoing hens.
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        MTV Babes Hen Do
        Imagine yourself in your own girl band as you learn all the moves at our fabulous Girl Band hen dance experience.
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        Grease Pink Ladies Hen Do
        Learn how to shake those hips like Olivia Newton John as you are guided through all of the famous Grease moves by your very own John Travolta
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        Paintballing Hen Parties
        Go for a classic hen weekend activity and fire paint at your friends. From capture the flag to seek and destroy, the games are incredible. Let the games begin...
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        High Ropes
        Get a grip - literally because you and your friends will be climbing robes, flying across zip wires and swinging from tree tops, in a way that would make Tarzan proud!
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        Horse Racing
        Horse riding is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon before your big night out.You and your group on a horse trek that will get rid of your hangover.
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        Indoor Go Karting Hen Parties
        Do you want an adrenalin filled party weekend!! Then why not race your fellow party animals round one of the largest indoor go-karting tracks in the area.
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        Its a Knockout

        Everybody remembers the silly shenanigans of Its a knockout with giant inflatable costumes, madness, mayhem and plenty of laughs!

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        Celebrate the pop legend as you warm up to some classic Madonna tracks before learning a routine to one of the queen of pops tunes.
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        Can Can Hen Parties
        What to star in the Moulin Rouge? This is the perfect activity for you and your hen group. Learn the routine to your very own musical.
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        Perfume Making
        Create and name your very own perfume. Your perfume consultant will take you through the different fragrances to make your desired smell.
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        Treasure Hunt
        The main objective of the treasure hunt is to have fun You will get a map so no need to worry about getting lost.
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        Hen Party Photoshoot
        This fantastic photoshoot experience is perfect for your hen weekend. Start your day with a glass of bubbly, then get your Naomi Campbell on.
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        Hen Party Photoshoot
        This fantastic photoshoot experience is perfect for your hen weekend. Start your day with a glass of bubbly, then get your Naomi Campbell on.
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        Pole Dancing Hen Party
        The ultimate ice breaker for yor group: private pole dancing lessons! Suprise your partner when you arrive home with your sexy moves!
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        For an adrenaline packed party weekend this combination of rage buggies and clay pigeon shooting is hard to beat.
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        Flamenco and Salsa Dancing
        You'll be taught the basic steps from a professional salsa choreographer who will guide you through the most vibrant and exciting form of dance.
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        Spa and Pamper
        The most relaxing and perfect hen party activity. Full use of the leisure facilities to include indoor pool, gym, sauna, spa & steam room.
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        Ride the waves on your hen weekend. Put on your wet suit and attempt to ride the surf for an amazing coastal adventure.
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        Treat yourselves to a Tapas lunch with a welcome glass of Sangria for your hen party, with an array of dishes and culinary delights to sample. This is great for those who always want more than one thing from the menu.

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        Thriller Hen Party
        Arguably the best group dance routine in the history of music and it's a great one to bring all the hens together for a bit of a laugh and dance.
    • Night time activities

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        Adonis Cabaret
        Hilarious, handsome guys entertain you all night, on and off the stage, in and out of costumes, from the moment you get through the door until you hit the dance floor!
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        Butlers in the Buff Hen Party Ideas
        These guys are gorgeous, fantastic looking with bodies to die for! Our butlers will help with any 'cheeky' butlering duty required.
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        Pre Club Bar
        Get your party started in the great bar and really let your hair down. This fun, friendly venue is packed full of excitement from the moment you walk in and will leave you singing your heart out when you leave.
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        Casino Hen Parties
        Enjoy the ritz and glitz and glamour of the Casino and try your hand at Roulette, BlackJack, Baccarat and Poker.
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        Night Clubbing

        No self respecting clubber should be made to wait in line just to party. So make sure you and your friends get to jump the queue by having this Friday night pass.

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        Hen do Boat Parties
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        Party Bus
        Party on a bus with a huge sound system! Priority entry to 5 top venues included along with a rep who will ensure you have a great night so you can relax and enjoy.
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        Dog Racing
        Start your hen evening early with a evening at the dogs, we can organise eveything so all you have to do is turn up and place your bets. (Minimum of 10 people)
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        Comedy Club
        Enjoy top-class stand-up comedy from the comfort of your group's table, located in a prime position for witnessing all the action
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        Hen Party Night Clubbing
        Be a VIP for the evening. We'll add your names to the guest list, and you'll be showed straight into one of the best nightclub in the city.
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        Restaurant Reservations
        Come and try real Italian food in Bournemouth. This restaurant is a leading name in casual dining, serving irresistible Italian food with a modern twist, in relaxed and stylish settings
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        Restaurant Reservations
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        Restaurant Reservations
        Fill those tummies before a big night out with this delicious 2 course traditional menu washed down with a couple of the finest drinks in town.
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