Most hen parties tend to go for traditional activities such as spa days, chocolate making or clubbing, however Laura Boyd and her fellow hens decided to do something more active (read: sweaty and uncomfortable) for her hen do… they decided to cycle from London to Paris!

However before the first day Laura had forgotten to check her tyres, so after an impressive 20 miles down the road to Redhill, Laura could no longer carry on due to her bike. But help was not too far away as C&N Cycles helped sort her and her fellow hens out and got them back on their bikes and back on route.

When asked about her ordeal Laura said,

I was dressed appropriately for cycling – I had a helmet on with a veil. And a garlic string necklace, and my bike was a little old, but the staff at C&N Cycles were lovely. When we told them what we were up to, they fixed up our bikes for free. They kept us on track for Paris. Without their help we could never have got there, and my hen weekend wouldn’t have taken place so I’d just like to say thank you.

Now it’s not really my thing (my thing being me plus my girls lying on a hot beach somewhere sipping margaritas and telling silly jokes) but even I think that sounds like a fun and unique thing to do for a hen weekend! Mind you if I had to choose I’d still choose to lie on the beach and chill out. Oh and if you’re wondering if Laura made it alright – she did. She was married that Saturday.

So congratulations Laura for getting married and her hen party for cycling all the way to Paris! We at Hen Heaven salute you (from our deck chairs!)

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