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The Tinder Test: Which male stereotype won and what it says about you…

3rd December 2014 | Hen Stories, News

As you might have seen already, ourselves and Cosmopolitan teamed up to carry out an experiment on a little known dating app named Tinder, and now the results are in and it’s time to find out which male stereotype came … Continue »

Will the real manly men please stand up?

7th October 2014 | Hen Stories, Hen Weekends, News

“I can’t babe. I’m washing my hair that night, can we do another night?” is an actual reason I’ve been given by a guy for not coming out on a date with me… I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. … Continue »

What really happens on a hen do…

23rd July 2013 | Hen Party News, Hen Stories

This week’s issue of the popular women’s weekly Bella magazine features a fantastic feature on what really goes on during a hen party, as disclosed by the delightful Sam Jackson. As Bella don’t offer the article online we have written it … Continue »

Alcohol Awareness: Everything in Moderation

12th April 2013 | Hen Advice, Hen Stories

So it’s Alcohol Awareness Month in America and we’re posting a few alcohol-related blogs throughout April. Last week was a quick overview of the month, and today we’re looking at how the UK’s Alcohol Awareness Week (AAW) tackled the issue … Continue »

Weird Wedding Gifts

25th March 2013 | Hen Stories

Perhaps you’ve already faced this dilemma before, the minefield that is choosing the wedding gift. As if booking a hen do wasn’t enough, you’re now tasked with finding the perfect present for your friend’s big day. If you’re lucky enough … Continue »

Hey big spenders! Hens still spending big on hen weekends

17th December 2012 | Hen Party News, Hen Stories

Today we look at part four of our Hen Heaven infographic, as we continue to lay bare the bones of the hen weekend. We’re discovering just how much women are spending on a hen weekend and their hen party packages, … Continue »

Hens just love Hen Heaven

29th November 2012 | Hen Stories

For the second part of our new infographic we’re concentrating on how people have discovered Hen Heaven, either online or out there IRL (in real life). A massive 73% of our customers have found Hen Heaven online by searching on … Continue »

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