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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts your Mum will Love

28th March 2014 | Hen Advice

Yes, if you didn’t know already – Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY (that’s right, THIS SUNDAY) and while leaving the present buying to the last minute is typically more of a ‘guy’ thing to do, we all know that some … Continue »

Advice from the other Gender: Tattoos on Women

24th March 2014 | Hen Advice

Okay first off I know this section of our blog is called ‘Advice from the other Gender’ but I guess this is more ‘An Opinion from the other Gender’ or ‘Thoughts on a Certain Subject from the Other Gender’ – … Continue »

Top 10 amazing cocktails (that will probably give you a hangover)

28th February 2014 | Hen Advice

Here at Hen Heaven we’re a big fan of cocktails (not to mention cocktail making!) and let’s face it who isn’t? Even if it means being horribly hungover the next day and having to come up with bizarre hangover cures. Still … Continue »

15 Far-out Hangover Cures from Around the World

26th February 2014 | Hen Advice, Hen Party fun

‘Yeah, I’ll have one more drink. What’s the worst that could happen?’ We’ve all been there before; waking up bleary-eyed on a Saturday or Sunday morning with a pounding headache, a mouth like the Gobi Desert, and the feeling that … Continue »

A Single Valentine’s: How it is Spent

14th February 2014 | Hen Advice, News

If you’re in a relationship, it’s safe to say you probably know how you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day but for a second spare a thought for the single people of the world: having to spend a day dealing with … Continue »

Your Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Buying Saviour

12th February 2014 | Hen Advice, News

Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away, so if you haven’t wrote in your card let alone picked out the perfect present for the man in your life, it’s safe to say that your hand is probably hovering a few … Continue »

Five Top Travel Accessories for your Hen Weekend

16th January 2014 | Hen Advice, Hen Do Ideas, Hen Party fun, Hen Weekends

We’ve looked at how to hack your hen weekend, but what about those of you who would prefer to just drop some cash on a handful of things that would make your weekend more enjoyable, exciting and bearable? It’s your … Continue »

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