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Why hasn’t your guy proposed to you yet?

15th November 2014 | Hen Weekends

O.K. so you’ve been with your guy for a few years now. You share a home with each other; you’ve survived the test of sanity that involves assembling IKEA furniture – as a couple. You’ve met his parents, his friends. … Continue »

The men of our generation

11th November 2014 | Hen Weekends

In a day and age when as women, we finally have the freedom to choose who we want to date, are we really making the best choices? Who is the ideal man for most women? How has he changed over … Continue »

How to choose the perfect gift for your Bridesmaids

23rd October 2014 | Hen Weekends

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a big deal. This usually shows that the bride to be really values those friendships and wants the chosen ones to play an important role in her special day. The bride is the … Continue »

Remembering the legend Oscar de La Renta

21st October 2014 | Hen Weekends

I am a little bit sad today because the world has lost a huge legend, the one and only Oscar de la Renta. They say the thing about legends is that their legacy will forever stay on and people will … Continue »

Will the real manly men please stand up?

7th October 2014 | Hen Stories, Hen Weekends, News

“I can’t babe. I’m washing my hair that night, can we do another night?” is an actual reason I’ve been given by a guy for not coming out on a date with me… I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. … Continue »

Always the bridesmaid never the bride

25th September 2014 | Hen Weekends

Some of you reading this may not be worried or experiencing what I’m currently going through but I certainly am, and though it was far away fear when I was 23… It’s now become my very stark and very true … Continue »

The best and worst of the VMAs

26th August 2014 | Hen Weekends

The best thing about the VMAs in my opinion are the gowns we get to see on the red carpet. Lets face it, music these days is hardly based solely on talent. Nikki Minaj proves this in her latest video … Continue »

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