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KIMYE WATCH: A Round-Up of the Rap-Royal Wedding…

22nd May 2014 | News, Wedding News

So here it (almost) is – the greatest wedding of all time… OF ALL TIME, as Kanye himself would probably put it. He might be right though, as we can’t remember such a media circus surrounding a wedding since the … Continue »

Bridesmaid trends for 2014

29th April 2014 | Wedding News

During the big day the main outfit anybody is going to be looking at it the wedding dress and for good reason to. It’s the bride’s special dress, the Va-Va-Voom dress, the dress she’s going to cherish and undoubtedly remember … Continue »

Would you wear a coloured wedding dress?

1st April 2014 | Wedding News

When it comes to wedding dresses most of the female population will still go for something in the white coloured variety but other than tradition why are people still choosing to wear white? After all, most brides don’t need to … Continue »

Asking someone to be your chief bridesmaid – different ways to pop the question…

18th March 2014 | Wedding News

We like to think that we’ve got our pulse on the wedding industry and its trends and I couldn’t help but notice that there’s a micro trending happening at the moment –  chief bridesmaid proposals. Now it’s arguable whether or … Continue »

Perfect Marriage Proposals

3rd February 2014 | Competitions, Hen Party fun, Wedding News

What is the perfect proposal? “Will you marry me?” These are four words that mark one of the best moments of your life and one that you will remember for the rest of your life too, so how would your … Continue »

Hen Heaven loves marriage!

20th January 2014 | Wedding News

Not too long ago a friend and I were sitting in the pub (as you do) on a Friday night when the subject of marriage came up. Now I’m a hopeless romantic unlike my friend who thinks love is some … Continue »

Coast: The Year of the Bridesmaid

23rd May 2013 | Wedding News

Once upon a time brides would dress their bridesmaids in horrific creations, in an attempt to avoid being upstaged on their big day. Thankfully brides are now realising the importance of allowing their girls to put their best, most fashionable … Continue »

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