Now I know we’ve all been to our fair share of awful weddings, you know what I’m talking about. The wedding where Aunt Sue gets completely wasted and starts to do a raunchy table dance, then the bride bursts into tears and won’t come out of the toilet. Not to mention the fact that you’ve been trying to dodge and avoid the creepy usher who seems determined to invade your personal space no matter what… However all that pales in comparison to former Newcastle United footballer Danny Guthrie‘s wedding, which turned out to be an absolutely disaster.

Because the guests got so out of hand that they started to throw lobster thermidor at one another (what’s wrong with confetti??) Then it got even more violent when the bride Rebecca Middleman ended up being punch – in the face! On her wedding day!!

The wedding reception was held at Allteron Castle and police were called in to calm the situation, however after they did. They were then called back 2 hours later, as the rowdy protesting guests smashed down a door!

When asked the Allteron Castle staff said that the guests “behaved like peasants with money.”

Oh dear!

Now we’re not certain but we’re pretty sure that, that is probably one of the worst things that could happen during a wedding (I’m sure there are worse thing but as far as it goes being punched in the face on your wedding is pretty bad!) Our thoughts go to the poor bride during this horrid ordeal and we hope the culprit is caught soon (we haven’t heard any news that anyone has been caught yet…) hopefully she had a good hen do though (not that that makes it any better mind you…)

Because I don’t know about any of you ladies (and maybe I’m just the only one who’d want to do this) but I were here- I’d want to punch that horrid guest right back in the face!

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