Monday morning always feels like treat time for us here at Hen Heaven HQ as we get to delve into all your hilarious hen dare photos and hen party stories. Oh and by the looks of it, you ladies all had a wild weekend!

Definitely wilder than my own which consisted of a delicious trip to pizza express, an enjoyable if not slightly annoying viewing of Snow White and the Huntsman (in my opinion Kirsten Stewart just pulled her “Kirsten Stewart face throughout the entire film but the film was still good.) Then when night hit I went out with my girls (which I don’t really remember to be honest with you) oh and on Sunday I went to the Thai festival in Southampton which was o.k. (the rain sort of ruined it a bit…)

Anyway we got some funny hen night stories from you this week! As one hen (who shall remain nameless) had to climb a tree to get back into her own house but once she managed to break in, she failed to remember that her kids where asleep in the house and all she had to do was ring them and believe me that was just one of the stories we received about your crazy hen night antics!

So (to get back to the subject) last week we asked all our lovely readers and customers to send us in photos of you and your girls with the best hen party theme and boy did we get some great ones!

So without further ado the winner of our Hen Dare of the Week: – Best Hen Party Theme is…

Jenny! Congratulations! They chose a Burlesque theme for the hen party and we were impressed that everybody made such a great effort to dress up (particularly the bride-to-be herself who looked fantastic!)

Now don’t forget: if you’d like to be in for a chance to be made famous on our blog and social media pages then stay tuned for this week’s Friday Hen Dare of the week!

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