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    • 80s

      80s Dance Experience

      Whether you like to admit it or not, everybody loves the 80s. The hair, the fashion, the dance moves. You know you love it! Think Cindy Lauper, Madonna (before she got all weird) and of course, queen of the leg warmers – Jane Fonda herself. Speaking of which, when the class begins you’ll start off with an 80s style aerobics warm up session, and that’s not all because you’ll be doing moves such as the sprinkler and the shopping trolley too! So think FAME and wear all the Lycra and neon you can grab because this is going to be a crazy trip back to one of the best eras ever!  

    • Belly Dancing

      Belly Dancing Experience

      Made popular by the Latin American superstar Shakira, belly dancing is an exotic dance that originates from Greece and the Middle East. It’s an activity that works your stomach and hips. You’ll also be required to do chest rotations, vertical and horizontal rolling’s, hip lifts, shimmies and camels, snake arms and ripples! It’s really not as scary as it sounds – trust us, and once you’re in the class learning the techniques, you’ll soon be shocked and impressed at just how sensual your body can be! Plus (if it makes you feel better) we've ensured that you and your hens have a private room to practice in and a friendly female dance instructor so you have nothing to feel embarrassed about!

    • Bollywood

      Bollywood Experience

      Bollywood is colourful, loud, fun and larger than life – making it the perfect energetic hen do activity! During the two hour class you and your fellow hens will be provided with a private venue to practice in, props to get you into the Bollywood spirit and of course a friendly, professional dance instructor who will teach you all the Bhangra moves to make you dance just like a Bollywood star! The dance style is a fusion between hip hop and traditional Indian dances. So put on a smile, bring a change of clothes for afterwards (it’s gonna get energetic ladies!) and prepare to learn a dance style that has had millions in awe all over the world!

    • Burlesque

      Burlesque dancing experience

      For the hens who want to get up to some cheeky fun for their weekend, why not try something a little bit sexier than the standard hen party activities - how about giving burlesque a go? Brought back into mainstream trend by the Pussycat Dolls and gorgeous strip artist Dita Von Teese, this sexy past time is a great way to learn a variety of seductive moves. More about the art of teasing than taking off your clothes, you will also get to play with some fun props like feather fans and crops. It is a great giggle and a fantastic chance to get dressed up with all your girls!

    • Cheerleading

      Cheerleading Experience

      Chances are you’ve seen them in American teen movies, shaking their poms poms and jumping around in colourful preppy outfits, and although you may think you don’t have it in you to be a cheerleader, we here at Hen Heaven disagree! So if you fancy trying your hand at a choreographed dance then this cheerleading experience will satisfy that need. You and your girls will be taught some professional cheer moves by an experienced dance instructor. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do any lifts or somersaults if you don’t think you can! Once you’ve mastered the moves you and your hens will get the chance to do the whole routine at the end for the grand finale. Bring it on indeed!

    • Chicago

      Chicago Experience

      Channel your inner Roxie Hart and get your head into the flirty 1920’s era with this fantastically fun dance party. Think scandal, decadence and corrpution because this hen party offering is sexy, sassy and seriously stylish! During this two hour class you and your girls will learn some impressive dance moves and hand movements to create a routine that would impress even Velma Kelly! So get dressed up ladies and have your jazz hands at the ready!

    • Adonis Cabaret

      Adonis Cabaret

      Even if you wouldn’t usually do it, your hen night is the perfect chance to embark on something cheeky – and it doesn’t get much cheekier than the Adonis Cabaret. The UK’s number one ladies night out is here in the capital and you will definitely not be disappointed, with an evening of hilarious acts and hunky men getting you all in the mood for the kind of hen party that will be remembered for years and years to come! Located inside Club Aquarium near Hoxton, you won’t have far to travel to get your fix of muscled men, and if you’re too flushed to move after the show you can always stay and enjoy the club (and maybe replay it all in your heads!) Hot men? Dancing? Drinks? Perfect.

    • Butlers in the Buff Hen Party Ideas

      Butlers In The Buff

      Woooweeee get ready for an evening of fun ladies, because you and your girls can just sit back, relax and enjoy the view....No, not the view from your room. We're talking about those hunky butlers in the buff, with their super toned bodies and abs of steel. Spend quality time with your girls whilst being served by these gorgeous men not wearing much!  What's not to love about this situation? The butlers themselves are friendly, fun and they know how to get the atmosphere going.  So trust us when we say that this will be a really fun experience for all involved - particularly for the bride who deserves a bit of hot eye candy on her last night of freedom!

    • Comedy Club

      Comedy Night Party Package - The 99 Club

      Are you looking for an evening of fun and laughter with all your best hens? Then how about this fabulous comedy evening? There will be several comedians who will be there to entertain and make you laugh till your hen party boppers fall off! You and the rest of the group will be seated for the two hour event, so please feel free to wear your high heels. Oh and if you get peckish or thirsty you will be able to order delicious drinks and nibbles at the venue. Drinks, laughter and all your best girls? Hands down this has got to be one of the best ways to celebrate the big weekend and a great way to send off the bride.

    • Comedy Club

      Friday Comedy Club, Gourmet Burger and Nightclub Entry

      Start your Friday night with a trip to the 99 comedy club for an evening of laughter! You'll see hilarious stand-up comedians and enjoy a few refreshing drinks, and you'll also get to indulge in a gourmet burger before the show, made with the freshest ingredients by the amazing chefs at the restaurant. Once the food and drinks are settled, and you have laughed until your sides hurt we have one more treat for you; we've also thrown in nightclub entry into a lush, stylish club (Storm) where you and the rest of your hen group can party hard and dance the night away.  Dancing? Laughter? Drinks? This is without a doubt the perfect evening for your special weekend away for the bride to be.

    • Night Clubbing

      Friday Nightclub Entry – Tiger Tiger

      Being our capital city, London should be bigger than everywhere else – and it should definitely be better, so why would you want to risk entry into one of London’s biggest clubs? We’ll put your names down on the guestlist so you can find yourselves in Tiger Tiger – the definition of a capital super club, with six rooms and a whole lot of fun to be had throughout the whole night… no matter what your tastes are! Why? Because Tiger Tiger takes in all of the best parts of the world’s clubbing scene and places it under one roof, with its White Room sending you off to the spirit of Ibiza. Whilst its Groovy Wonderland is a retro heaven where you can get lost in the night and truly celebrate the night away!

    • Bar Crawl

      London Self-Guided Bar Crawl

      One weekend is never enough to see all that London has to offer, but you’re obviously going to try and see as much of it as possible – and while this means swinging by for some selfies at the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, this also means sampling as much of its nightlife as possible – and with bars and clubs so close together in central London, there’s not even going to be any need for the tube. Especially on this self-guided bar crawl where you’re given entry into some of the best nightspots around Leicester Square, placing your name on the guestlist and allowing you and the girls to jump the queues at Grace, Gem, Strawberry Moons and of course – Piccadilly Institute. Now that’s what we call a tour of London!