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2015 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

2015 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

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Asking a guy what he wants for Valentine’s Day is pretty much like asking a sullen kid what they want to be when they grow up. Usually the answer is, “I dunno.” Combine this with the fact that men (in general) seem to resent the existence of Valentine’s Day altogether… well it doesn't make celebrating the day easy. Not that that’s going to stop you from celebrating it and buying him the best gift ever (even if it’s just to prove a point!) So if you need some ideas, then take a look below:  we've listed some of our favourite gifts – for every type of boyfriend!

The bookworm

Much better than any fifty shades of grey fluff: this erotic novel will make you and your chosen lover the stars of your very own novel! All you have to do is choose a story and fill in the blanks – literally. There will be some blank spaces for you to type down some important details, like his name, eye colour, favourite colour etc.. and once you've done that all you have to do is wait for your personalised naughty novel to arrive in the post. Plus for an additional charge you can add a custom dedication note too.

The high roller

Getting him a real solid gold chain is probably going to cost you a pretty penny (and to some may just be considered tacky…) However if you’re dating a guy who believes that finer things in life should glitter like gold then behold! Gold flake vodka! It’s shiny, it’s got “Dragon” in the title (powerful and manly that), it’ll make him feel like a million dollars and he’ll literally be drinking gold. Unless of course he doesn't drink, in which case maybe consider that gold chain…

The foodie

Nothing says romance like… carving meat? Well they do say it’s the thought that counts and with this hands on experience you’ll be giving your man the gift of a new life skill. Yes you could have gotten him some more poncey spices or a knife rack but chances are he’ll have those already. This gift will show that you think outside the box. Besides you may also be able to enjoy the culinary rewards afterwards.

The keen traveller

We did think about suggesting a book of rude phrases from around the world but this scratch map won out. Yes, it’s a map but not quite as you know it. Because once your wanderlust struck beau has visited a country, he can scratch that country away to reveal the coloured side - signifying that it’s been conquered (so to speak!) The map itself comes in a lovely presentation box and would look impressive on any avid traveller’s wall.

The metrosexual

Metrosexuals like to look good and most of the time that involves a near religious grooming routine. So if you’re dating a cosmopolitan dandy who likes to look good (and shaves) then he’ll probably appreciate this kick of colour into his regime. Owned by a Liz Laurie, this range of shaving gel comes in a variety of colours, scents and needs to meet every type of man.

The gym buff

By nature gym buffs enjoy the masochistic sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a gruelling work out. However shelling out for a personal trainers and nutritionist every month can get expensive which is why he’ll love this app. Yes, we said app but hear us out. CARROT is a sassy mouth AI who delights in making “human meat carcasses” fit and healthy. There are two apps that he might like, CARROT Fit and CARROT hunger both focus on health and fitness – in the funniest and meanest way possible.

The geek

Every geek we’ve ever met wouldn’t mind having super powers and whilst you probably won’t be able to give him powers as a gift, you can give him the next big thing. An action figure of his favourite comic book hero… with his face on it! That’s right, this website offers a customizable service whereby you send in a photo of your beloved, pick a hero and they’ll ship it to you packaged like an actual retailing figure. He can be the hero he’s always wanted to be (if only in an action figure!)Trust us; you’ll get some serious “good girlfriend” points with this.