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7 Steps to a Classic Bridal Look: by Benefit’s Head of Make-Up

7 Steps to a Classic Bridal Look: by Benefit’s Head of Make-Up

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

A lot of the noise about the big day and the bride surrounds her dress, and after that – her hair. But what about the make-up? This is just as important and needs a WHOLE lot of thought before the special day rolls around…

It’s lucky then, that Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit’s Head of Make-Up and Trend Artist has given us the 7 easy steps to creating a classic Bridal look, so if you’re feeling stuck and fancy keeping things traditional, look no further and follow the steps below!

Step 1: The Brows

“Brows! Yes that’s right, we’re starting with your eyebrows. These beauties frame your face and when they are perfectly groomed they really complete your look. Make sure you book in to have your eyebrows waxed and tinted 1 week before your big day. On the day, brush Gimme Brow Fibre Gel through them to ensure long lasting, perfect looking brows”.

Step 2: Skin

“Prepping, priming and perfecting your skin is what is going to give you that gorgeous glow. Start by moisturising for a good 30 seconds for extra hydration. Prime your skin using a pore minimising primer such as Porefessional. This will give you the perfect canvas ready for foundation, whilst also helping to keep your make up in place. For foundation, don’t go for something too heavy - a medium coverage liquid foundation such as Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, will give you a gorgeous, even, healthy looking base. Remember, you need a good foundation as you’ll be having tons of photos taken, but the last thing you want is to look like you have a mask on! Perfect with concealer around the eyes and on any problem areas. If you find you get shiny, dust a small amount of Agent Zero Shine over your T-Zone and above your top lip”.

Step 3: Eyes

“It’s all about your eyes, and, if you’re anything like me, you may shed a tear or two! So you want eye make-up that won’t run! Start with an eye primer such as Stay Don’t Stray. This will stop your eyeshadow from creasing and keep it in place all day. Eyeshadow kits are great for wedding days as everything you need is in the kit, along with a step by step guide. My fave is World Famous Neutrals in Most Glamorous. This kit suits all skin tones and is super easy to use. Remember, less is more, don’t overdo it!”

Step 4: Eyes… the final touches

“Complete your eye look with liner. They’re real push up liner is fab as it’s a gel liner in a pen so you get an even, matte black line that won’t budge”.

Step 5: Lashes

“For your lashes-use a mascara that gives volume and length such as They’re Real. This beauty is also tear-proof!! Apply on the bottom lashes first so that you don’t ruin your eye make-up when you look up to apply. For extra oomph, apply false eyelashes too. Test and try a variety before your big day to see which ones you prefer.

TOP TIP: take a few selfies with your lashes on - what may seem too much in real life may look great in photos and vice versa”.

Step 6: Bronzing

“To finish your skin - apply a bronzer in a figure of 3 either side of your face and down your neck. For a sun kissed glow, Hoola is fab for this as it’s matte so will make you look naturally tanned”.

Step 7: Lips and Cheeks

“For your cheeks and lips, try a tint. These multi-use products are kiss proof and cocktail proof! Yay! For a coral finish that perfectly suits most Bridal gowns, use Cha Cha Tint. Complete your look with a clear lip gloss. Remember, go for a hydrating one that’s not sticky… you want your first kiss as a Mrs to be perfect!

Voila - you are now ready for your big day! Remember to enjoy every second as the thing that will make you look most beautiful is a big smile!”

It goes without saying, but trail this before your big day… and if it works for you, your make up is sorted! Now it’s just the million other things you have to think about. Phew.

For more Bridal beauty tips from Benefit and a whole lot more celebrating National Bridesmaid Day, keep an eye on our Facebook page!


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