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7 Tips to Help You Pack Light for your Hen Weekend

7 Tips to Help You Pack Light for your Hen Weekend

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Save yourself a bit of hassle on your hen party and pack light, because nobody wants to be lugging a ridiculously heavy suitcase around on trains, planes and automobiles all weekend. Also, if you’re travelling abroad it’ll save you fees on hold luggage, and will also save you time when you arrive at your destination because you’ll be able to completely cut out the tedium that is the baggage claim.

Hand luggage, allows you to travel quicker, cheaper and easier

So as I’ve already mentioned you should stick to hand luggage if you can (believe me, you can), because this will make your weekend easier in so many ways. Hand luggage will be lighter than a full suitcase; you won’t need to pay for your luggage to actually get on your plane if you’re flying and you can avoid the baggage claim.

This is the best part, because if you’ve got a group of 10+ ladies with you, you can almost guarantee that one member of your group will be the last one waiting for their suitcase to appear on those slow moving carousels.

Wear the same clothes on both flights

Nobody is going to know who you are on your flights, so get rid of one outfit completely by wearing the same one on both your outgoing and return flights. Even if anyone from your first flight is on the return flight you’ll probably just give each other a knowing glance or nod that says ‘yeah we’ve barely slept this weekend, what of it?’

It also helps to wear comfortable clothes for a flight, because no matter how short it may be, you can never avoid the chance to get some shut eye anywhere you possibly can on your hen weekend.

Don’t use a hardcase for your hand luggage

While you might think a hardcase suitcase is ideal to protect your luggage, they’re not as practical as you would think. If push comes to shove you wouldn’t be able to squeeze your case into a small spot in an overhead locker. Of course this doesn’t matter so much if you’re not flying on your hen weekend, but it still may help when you’re on trains or coaches.

Lay everything out before you begin to pack

A great way of making sure you pack light is to lay out everything you plan on taking with you before you even begin to pack. This way you can see if everything you plan on taking on your trip coordinates. You can also make sure that you aren’t taking anything unnecessary away with you which will free some more space if this is the case.

Pack stuff into your shoes (not the ones you’re wearing, silly)

This is probably a tip that you’ve been doing for years, but make use of your shoes and pack anything you can fit into them. You’ll be surprised how much space you can save by doing this, you can probably get a decent amount of accessories into them as well. This is useful, as it brings me onto my next packing tip…


Pack a bunch of accessories instead of more clothes, you may as well accessorise instead of taking a number of outfits that you might not wear. A selection of belts and necklaces, a scarf and the like will make sure that you can make 2 or 3 outfits last the whole weekend. The possibilities are endless.

Take your favourite clothes

Think about it, if you’re off on a hen weekend you want to be looking your best on a night out, so just pack your favourite outfits or even buy new ones. If you’re going on a week long holiday it probably doesn’t make sense to take a week’s worth of your favourite clothes, but for a weekend just go for it! Bring clothes that you know you'll wear, instead of a bunch of outfits you might not.

So now you'll hopefully be able to fit all you need for a hen weekend into your carry on luggage. Job done, as they say! Still deciding where to go? You'll find that Hen Heaven have plenty of options for you, why not book a hen weekend in Europe?


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