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Adele Spends 2 Million Pounds On Friend's Hen Party

Adele Spends 2 Million Pounds On Friend's Hen Party

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The superstar singer songwriter Adele has just blown her pay cheque on a giant hen party for her best mate Laura Dockrill. Flying out to Ibiza, she hired out a 2 million pound villa for all the guests to stay in. She covered 20 friends costs for the trip and even was said to have paid off a mates mortgage!

The 28 year old singer has benefited from the huge sales volume of her recent album '25'. She was the first artist to ever sell over a million copies of an album for two consecutive weeks. When she reached a million sales in the first 2 days of the album being available, people spoke about whether she could surpass the record holders NSYNC, who had just over 2 million sales in the first week of being available. Well, she shot past this amount, selling over 3 million in the first week, by far the greatest ever first week ever recorded. It topped iTune charts in more than 100 countries, selling out all over the world.

But it doesn't stop there! Following on from her sold out European tour, she put 750,000 tickets live for her tour of the USA in 2016, yet the site received over 10 million visitors for the moment they became available, almost crashing the Ticketmaster website. Her quickest seller was Madison Square Gardens, which had 4 million people request a ticket, for a venue that holds 100,000!

Just to put it into perspective, her album sold more in one week than Taylor Swifts new album sold in the entirety of 2015 (1.8 million). If that isn't enough to leave you stunned, I don't know what will!

The top selling single 'Hello' received 27.7 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of going live, however in January it managed to pass 1 billion views in record time. The video currently has just over 1.5 billion views and is still growing at around 6-8 million per day!

The global idol has never been one to splash the cash on designer labels and expensive accessories, instead focusing on ensuring the people she loves and cares for can all live comfortable and happy lives. What a girl!

Then again, I think we'd all be a bit more generous if we were earning as much as her. She recently signed a deal with Sony, worth £90 million! This now stands as the biggest contract ever held by a British musician. I can't see any sign of her fame abating, therefore this seems like a safe bet by Sony, who will be banking on some ridiculous sales figures on her next album.

Did you manage to see her and the girls partying it up in Ibiza? If so, let us know or send any photo's you managed to snap.

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