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Advice from the other Gender: Tattoos on Women

Advice from the other Gender: Tattoos on Women

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Okay first off I know this section of our blog is called ‘Advice from the other Gender’ but I guess this is more ‘An Opinion from the other Gender’ or ‘Thoughts on a Certain Subject from the Other Gender’ – however as riveting as that sounds, I do think it’s worth addressing something that still pops up in conversation between groups of guys, girls and a mixture of the two quite regularly – and that is women with tattoos, yay or nay.

I say ‘still pops up in conversation’ because it is 2014 and we’re not in the age of women being arrested for wearing a bodysuit on the beach but there is still a definite aversion in some areas of society to inked up females. You just need to look at the (obviously anti-tattoo) coverage the subject gets from the Daily Mail, for instance:

Daily Mail on Tattoos

Nice headline there suggesting any woman with a tattoo is a tramp but before we go any further we should get one thing straight, tramp stamps (tattoos on the lower back just above your bum) are an absolute NO GO and should only be resigned to the history books to be cringed at alongside crocs and when I thought it looked cool to have ‘curtains’ as my hairstyle at school. I apologise to any woman that has one but they simply are not a good look no matter what you get there. I was once with a girl that had a tramp stamp and she was incredibly embarrassed of it… I could tell why.

But not all tattoos on women are 'tramp stamps' are they, so now we’ve got that cleared up we can move on and talk about proper tattoos. With anything like this it’s going to be based on opinion but the loudest voice does seem to come from those who are against them, with even Mel C (Sporty Spice) turning anti-tattoo by paying over £10,000 to have her 10 separate pieces of ink removed.

Alongside that there’s blogs like this and people like the Professor from the Daily Mail article that believe tattoos on a woman make them look ‘easier’. Or on the other hand, more ‘manly’. Hell, I’ll let the beauty of Yahoo answers do the talking here:

Yahoo Answer

Another Yahoo Answer

Yahoo Answers

That’s only one side of this coin though and in my and many others eyes, it’s an old fashioned view. Name some of what are seen as the most beautiful women in the world today: Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Beyoncé, Cara Delevigne, Megan Foxx… the list goes on and guess what, they all have tattoos!

Also we all know (myself included being a guy n’all) that men like to look at the female form be it a cheeky glance on the high street or a longer glance that they won’t admit when they’re left to their own devices. But seeing as over 6 million people ‘like’ the Suicide Girls page (if you didn’t know what that is, it’s the home of ‘alternative’ tatted up models) it speaks volumes about just how many men appreciate a woman with tattoos.

Suicide Girls

So opinions are divided, surprise surprise. But when it comes to what a man thinks it isn’t as cut and dry as that, because it’s no longer as much about just having a tattoo, it’s about where and what it is. Tattoos are so commonplace and as I said earlier, the most famous, beautiful and highly revered women have them, but they’re not walking around with tramp stamps or gigantic tribal tats covering their whole arms and back. They’re walking around with tattoos that are unique, that they have most likely put a lot of thought in to and that actually mean something to them. It works exactly the same way with men and their tattoos. Think about it, do you like it when a man has a tattoo of a cheesy bulldog on their arm, or the crest of the football team they support? Probably not… but you probably like David Beckham even if he is absolutely covered in tattoos – hell, even my Mum does and she HATES tattoos.

It’s all about what you get, not what you’ve got… and after all if you want one, get one! Verdict from the other gender/a solitary member of the other gender: THEY’RE GOOD… within reason.


Miriam is the Senior PR & Campaigns Executive for The Stag Company. Originally from New Zealand, she loves fashion, animals, and travelling.

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