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Alcohol Awareness: Everything in Moderation

Alcohol Awareness: Everything in Moderation

So it’s Alcohol Awareness Month in America and we’re posting a few alcohol-related blogs throughout April. Last week was a quick overview of the month, and today we’re looking at how the UK’s Alcohol Awareness Week (AAW) tackled the issue in November last year.

The theme set for 2012’s AAW was ‘It’s time to talk about drinking’, which was chosen to allow people to talk about the many different aspects of alcohol and the consumption of, not just ‘how lashed were you last night?’ kind of conversations.

To accompany the campaign Alcohol Concern produced a small number of fact cards which were intended to make more people aware of some of the more eye opening alcohol facts. For instance, over 200,000 people come to work with a hangover every day. These facts were followed with the statement ‘Makes you think, doesn’t it?’

While there is no mistake that you can have a good time while drinking, there are far too few conversations about the health risks, stigmas and taboos that come with drinking and alcohol consumption. Many who consume alcohol aren’t sure how many units their favourite tipple contains; fortunately Alcohol Concern produced a ‘What’s in Your Drink?’ poster, which usefully displays the average unit count of popular alcohol beverages. Be sure to check it out to get a better idea of just how many units you could be consuming on a regular basis.

Some of you may have partaken in the Dryathalon throughout January, which came about as a result of AAW ’12. Anyone who signed up to involve themselves in the event through Alcohol Concern would’ve received tips and information about drinking, with suggestions on how to cut down your alcohol intake and the benefits that can have with your health, sleeping and also your general wellbeing.

As we said last week, you don’t need to cut it out, simply cut it down. Of course, you may not drink a lot of alcohol, in which case you’re probably doing ok. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to read into these things. In fact, Change 4 Life has a great booklet called ‘Don’t Let Drink Sneak Up on You: How to Catch it Out and Cut Back’, which you can read online here.

One of the main suggestions on this booklet is trying to allow yourself two alcohol-free days each week. Do you think this is acceptable, or do you think it doesn’t matter if you drink a moderate amount each day of the week?

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