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Another year, another New Years resolution

Another year, another New Years resolution

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I’m going to be blatant here and take my cues for this blog post from Richard over on the Stag Company blog and suggest some New Year’s resolutions you can stick to for a full year. Or at least try to, like I’ll be doing.

With a New Year comes a time for a new you. Let’s begin and see what resolutions I’ve come up with for you to try and stick to for as long as possible. Bear in mind I considered most of these for myself as well. I’ll tell you what my resolution is at the end of the article.

1.       Get fit

The classic New Year’s resolution, every year on December 31st scores of both men and women up and down this fine isle will state their desire to keep fit in the following year, whether it be by joining a gym, getting up for a run before work or just exercising more and more in general. However, the harsh reality is that we get half way round the block, end up with a stitch and never bother for the rest of the year. Either that or worse still, we’ll sign up for a gym membership, never go and pay a ridiculous amount of money to NOT go to the gym.

What is the worst part about this resolution? If you declare your plans on any social media platform you’re setting yourself up for ridicule before the end of January.

2.       Take up a new hobby

A nice simple one for number two, take up a new hobby. Learn to play an instrument, or perhaps start knitting, the possibilities are endless here. If I were to take up a new hobby this year it would be to learn another language, but I’m not doing that. However, if I were I’d probably try to learn German, I hear it is pretty easy to pick up.

3.       Do something that scares you

That’s right, stare fear in the face and throw caution to the wind. I have a friend who was petrified of heights, so they decided that doing a bungee jump would be a great way to face their fear and finally get over something that was at times crippling. Did it work? No, not at all, in fact it probably made things worse.

Don’t let that put you off though; you don’t need to go to the extremes they did to do something that scares you.

4.       Save more money

This is one that I’ve tried to keep several times but never manage it. Saving money seems like the best idea in the world until you walk into somewhere like Topman or Primark, at which point any thought of saving money goes out of the window. What is better, putting £50 away in an account for a ‘rainy day’ (or a hen weekend abroad?) or coming home with a new outfit? Even I choose the new outfit every time!

5.       Be nice to your husband-to-be

Ok, so the last one is a bit of a cheeky one for me to put it but don’t worry, it goes both ways. I’m sure you’re getting married soon if you’re on the Hen Heaven website, so this is just me trying to help out all the fellas that proposed over Christmas. I should know, I’m one of them!

Finally, for my New Years resolution this year I am doing…nothing! I’ve learnt from years gone by that I’m just as bad as everyone else when it comes to keeping these resolutions so the solution I have found is to make your resolution to not have any resolutions. A bit pointless, but I’m sure you’ll know where I am coming from!

Happy New Year and good luck with any resolutions you’ve made for 2013!


Miriam is the Senior PR & Campaigns Executive for The Stag Company. Originally from New Zealand, she loves fashion, animals, and travelling.

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