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Are you a Bridezilla?

Are you a Bridezilla?

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

We all know of her. We’ve seen the films, the soap operas. Some of us have survived an encounter with her. The point is, Bridezilla is a real thing within the wedding industry and something that every woman on earth is capable of becoming. So long as you’re getting married, it’s an affliction that doesn’t discriminate. The Bridezilla affliction doesn’t care if you’re having a beach wedding or a hipster barn wedding. It doesn’t care if you’ve made a wedding scrapbook since you were ten. It doesn’t even care if you’re the kind of care free bride who hasn’t planned anything yet. It can come for you no matter what type of bride you are and when it does — it’s been known to tear friendships a part.

So if you think you may have contracted it then read below for the symptoms (these have been taken from a real life Bridezilla story that I've witnessed)…

You’re obsessed with everything matching

Unless you get everything hand made for you and you can afford that without having to re-mortgage your house and sell a kidney then you’re going to have to come to terms that things aren’t going to match and some things you like may not even complement one another. I’m talking about the flowers and the napkins. Or the chair covers and the centrepieces. Don’t become obsessed with an exact colour. Because if you’re getting things some several different suppliers then it's not going to happen and you may have to tone down on the whole “matchy matchy” mentality just to keep yourself from ripping your hair out.

You don’t care if the bridesmaids hate their dresses

These are the ladies you’re supposed to care about. They were there with you for the hen party (well may be some of them) and they will be there to hug you and run to get things for you during the big day. They matter and their opinions matter. Yes it’s your big day but just because it’s your big day doesn’t mean you can boss around your friends and think they’ll just accept whatever you throw/demand of them. They will put up with you - to a point... However, if they really dislike something about their outfits then maybe out of friendship and courtesy listen to what they have to say.

You’re not listening to your groom's wishes

This is the man you’re going to marry. He’s the other half to this marriage. You know the one you’re going to (hopefully) say “I do” to? Much like the bridesmaids he knows that the wedding is more about the bride than anyone else, but that doesn’t mean it’s all about the bride. After all, he might want some personal touches of his own and (as a loving soon-to-be wife) you should be open to hearing about his requests — even if they initially don’t go with what you had planned. Be caring understanding and compromise. Isn't that what marriage is about after all??

You’re demanding too much from the venue

I’m sorry but if you expect the beach side restaurant to be in control of the tide and weather then you’re going to be in for a horrible surprise (this is a real life example of mine.) The venue will of course do everything they can to make sure that the event runs smoothly (it’s what you’re giving them money to do after all) but their powers have limits. So if nature or sheer bad luck decides to pitch in unexpectedly, then try to keep a level head and not lose it with the venue or the staff. It’ll still be a magical day but it all starts with your believing it will be – even if things may go wrong. Believing  in the success of the wedding and soldiering on when things go wrong on is the right attitude to have.

You’re giving the guests too many rules to follow

You are not Mariah Carey. So don’t expect to make ridiculous rules for your friends and family to follow if they want to attend your event. I don’t mean normal rules like, “Please use the hashtag #[insertweddingname] if you plan to Instagram the wedding” but weird rules like “don’t grey anything with grey because the groom is wearing grey.” Be a bride who is fun, relaxed, beautiful and graceful. Nobody likes to attend the event of a bossy diva. So don't turn into one.