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Hottest hen party destination of the week: Bath

Hottest hen party destination of the week: Bath

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While there was a time where the humble hen do was limited to a heavy night in your favourite cocktail bar, but these send offs are now more often done on a large scale. The 'do' has become 'the weekend', the event being spread across two or even three nights - sometimes even more With a full weekend now being dedicated to your last real jolly as a single woman, most ladies are looking to fit in as much as they can to these three days.

S now that drinking is no longer the main attraction of a hen weekend, hens are looking for more to do on their last weekend with the girls. If you’re looking for a little bit of sophistication (even if it’s sandwiched in between a couple of nights on the tiles) then why not take your hen party to Bath? A Somerset city that could just be the ideal place to visit with your fellow hens for that one last send off!

Inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1987, Bath is one of the best cities in England for architecture and culture. The Roman Baths are especially popular and Bath itself is popular for spa getaways and weekends, and spa days is are an ideal event to be including in hen weekend packages, is it not? The Thermae Bath Spa is one of the popular attractions in the city and has only recently reopened in 2006 following almost 30 years of the waters being unavailable for public bathing.

For more sophistication you can visit Royal Victoria Park, one of Bath’s many public parks that spans an impressive 57 acres! Whether you want to look around, relax with the girls or check out the Botanical gardens, there is plenty for you to see. The Botanical gardens also feature some pretty awesome tree carvings if you time your visit right.

The Pulteney Bridge is a lovely little bridge that crosses the river Avon and is one of only four bridges in the world to be lined by shops on each side. You can sit at a juice bar on the bridge, as well as shop for flowers and more. Most of Bath looks fantastic and as a result you’ll find plenty of photo opportunities throughout your time in the City. The architecture is incredible and takes in Roman, Medieval, Early and Late Modern architecture.

There are plenty of iconic sights in Bath, but perhaps none more iconic than the Royal Crescent. A crescent of 30 terraced houses looking over the Royal Victoria Park, you’ll recognise these houses as soon as you lay eyes on them. These Georgian houses looks great from afar and the first house on the crescent is now a small house museum.

With so many places to go, buildings to see and things to do I’m really struggling to choose my final place to focus on, but I’m going with Bath Abbey. Its full name is Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath but we’ll stick with Bath Abbey. Found close to the Roman Baths, the Abbey has been present in Bath since the 7th century. The fan vaulting found inside is particularly impressive, and one of the main reasons why the Abbey is a Grade 1 listed building.

So, if relaxed sophistication is the theme for your upcoming hen party then Bath is our number one recommendation!