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Boom In Houses Over Hotels In Hen Industry

Boom In Houses Over Hotels In Hen Industry

Most hens will go straight for a hotel when it comes to their party. Both at home and abroad it is the most popular choice. It is easy to see why. Hotels are easy to book and you know that on some level you are going to get a service and comfy beds. This is just what you need when you coming in from an all-night ‘Hensational’ night.

There is of course more upsides than just the beds for a hotel. They will have facilities available for visitors. In a place filled with sun like Spain this usually means access to a refreshing pool! Hotels also provide helpful services such as a taxi service, local knowledge and room deliveries. All of this makes you feel pampered, but comes at a cost.

Alternatively, many hens like to choose an apartment for their hen party. This provides a group of girls space and privacy with which to enjoy the hen. Girls are a creative bunch and apartments let you be more in control of what you do. It is also excellent choice if you want to cultivate a group mentality, as you will all be staying in one place together. No one can escape to their rooms.

Choosing a private property also has some much warranted cost benefits. Just the sheer number of you will be enough to bring costs down for everyone. If you are smart too then you can economise when you eat out. Cooking breakfast and eating lunch in the house will bring your costs down greatly. It could also be a base to launch your big hen night. Why not play drinking games and warm up in your house beforehand. 

Some locations also offer a true taste of a city when you are living in the midst of everything. Lisbon hen accomodation for example can be set in the historic Bairro Alto where the tight medieval streets evoque a unique atmosphere.


The Boom In Houses

As a business, we not only offer great accommodation, but it is specifically picked out for large groups and hens. In our 15 year history we have developed from planning nights out, to offering activities, to whole weekends with accommodation. More recently we have seen a rise in people wanting a more personal experience with their own accommodation for a whole group.

Up until 2014 95% of all accommodation we sold was to hotels. Now in 2017 this year we have made a massive shift to selling our private accommodation options. Already this year it is now 25% of our accommodation business. Last year in 2016 it was 19% overall.

These properties offer something special for the hens. They come in all shapes and sizes. We have large former coach houses which accommodate up to 14 hens. There are two properties so we can even double up if you have lots of friends!

Another benefit hens get from booking a house is that a large group of activities you can do are aligned with using it. Having your own private chef for instance, or a pamper session and makeup tutorial before you go out. All of these rely on someone being able to come to you.

In some occasions, like when abroad, hotels can be beneficial due to the knowledge of those working there and the lack of complication for your group in having to organise something in another country and another language. In the UK however private accommodation has become a massive trend among hen parties who want all the benefits and flexibility of a low cost stay, while still being able to do all the things they want.



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