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Cat - Who I’d take on my celebrity hen do

Cat - Who I’d take on my celebrity hen do

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Seeing as I’ve been a busy bee over on our corporate Christmas events section of the business. I haven’t had a chance to write up my dream celebrity hen party till now. In the meantime I see that Richard has kept you entertained with his choices, which were interesting to say the least (not sure I’d want to be responsible for Lynsey Lohan during my do but hey…)

Anyway below are the celebrities that I would take on my dream hen do…

The Chief bridesmaid - Jennifer Lawrence

She's stunning, down to earth and funny. Without a doubt J Law would be my CBM for sure. I'm convinced we're undiscovered BFF's she just hasn't realised it yet. Besides, she also strikes me as the kind of girl who would plan a hen weekend that would be ridiculously fun, uniquely unusual and utterly marvellous!

The Crazy one - Rebel Wilson

Often describing herself as “gangsta” this Australian blonde bombshell would act as both protector for the group with her “don’t mess with me” attitude and resident group rapper. That’s right – rapper with her alter ego "B***h" Rebelicious, she’ll be able to show us how gangsta’s party and intimidate any arses who might try and bother us on the dance floor.

The Stylish one - Gwen Stefani

She knows how to rock, she’s the queen of cool and she’s one stylish mama. I can’t think of anyone better than Gwen to inject some style and glam into my cosmopolitan hen party.  I envision everyone in my group rocking a red lip and partying like “devil may care” punk goddesses (or a gangsta goddess in the case of Rebel.)  Naturally much of this would be Gwen’s influence seeing as she’s both a style icon and a ska punk pop star, hence why she had to be included in my fantasy hen do.

The Funny one - Caitlin Moran

She’s a smart feminist; she’s funny and (like me) swears like a sailor but looks like a doll. Plus she’d come up with some hilarious (and most likely random) commentary throughout the weekend that would surely keep all the girls entertained!

The Smart one - Natalie Portman

I love her. Actually love her, and much like J Law I think Portman has no idea that we'd make best friends. Anyway, she strikes me as quite sensible which may sound like the opposite of what you'd want on a hen do but I think every group needs one of those. You know one of those people you're happy to have around when you’ve had one too many vodka shots…

The Charismatic one - Beyonce

I think she would bring a lot of energy and sass to the hen party, which is exactly what it needs to keep the weekend pumped and going on till the very end!  I also get the impression that Bey would be able to get us into any club or bar - in the world and have the venue falling all over themselves to make sure that we have the best time ever.

So that’s my team of celebrity hens. Naturally, you’ll have your own. Chances are you probably won’t know any of these celebrities personally (and if you do – then lucky you!) However if you’re interested in celebrating with your own great girls then get a quote and see where you could go for a girly weekend away!