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Celebrating World Book Day with these great novels!

Celebrating World Book Day with these great novels!

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Happy World Book day everyone. Today is the day to celebrate and share with the world your most exciting reads over the years. They say books open our minds, that imagination strikes when we read and we become more creative. Some books takes us on a frightening but exciting journey, others can just simply make us giggle and lighten our mood. Whilst there are so many extraordinary novels out there, let’s have a look at three best seller authors, who not only lighten our moods, but their stories are so realistic that each one of us women can somehow relate to some extent to each of the characters and their lives. Pick a book, make a hot cup of tea, and get ready to be inspired.

Sophie Kinsella.

One of my favorite authors, Kinsella writes hilarious novels about romance, being a woman, fashion and career achievements. Although her stories are light-hearted and incredibly entertaining (you may be familiar with confessions of a shopaholic) she manages to somehow sparkle a sense of empowerment for every woman reading them. Her fantastic approach to normalize the typical struggles we go through at different stages in our lives as females, makes her stories completely relatable to most women out there. Here are three of her best novels, if you have not read them, I totally recommend them.

Twenties Girl 

Remember Me 


Marian Keyes.

I would recommend Marian Keyes to every woman out there. She is like the Beyonce of the book world, #girlpower all the way. In her novels, Keyes writes about serious life issues we may come across such as relationship problems, break ups and divorce, as well as general hardship, but she puts a comedic spin to them. Each one of the characters she writes about, all share something in common, and that’s finding their strength, becoming that “grown, independent woman” who can stand on her own feet and conquer everything that comes in her way. This may sound intense, but she has such brilliant sense of humor, that no matter what the issue is, I guarantee you will laugh out loud!

The Other side of the story (family, friendship & achieving your goals)


The mystery of Mercy Close 

Jodi Picoult

A bestselling and thought provoking author, Picoult is a pioneer of the book world. Her novels take a more serious approach than the above, and her writing style will definitely make you want to keep turning the page. Picoult focuses more on deeper tragedies which can strike anyone at any time in life, in particular in a family setting. Although sometimes quite sad, her novels provide the reader with a sense of inspiration and joie de vivre.

The Pact 

My Sister’s Keeper 

The Story Teller 


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