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Celebrity engagement rings

Celebrity engagement rings

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It seems to me like this is the period for engagements, weddings and babies. It's that reality of life wave that hits a few times a year. Over the weekend, I had 5 news feed updates about friends getting engaged. My Facebook has been full of love and baby announcements lately, but my favorite thing about this is seeing all the beautiful sparkling rings and of course, the hen parties that come with weddings; the best part about getting married if you ask me... I soon found myself looking up engagement rings. I am single and clearly will not be proposed to anytime soon, but every gal loves a little bit of a sparkle and dreaming of that sparkle is part of our genetic make up...really!! Whilst looking at engagement rings online, Cheryl Cole's ring popped up as it's the big latest news. An hour later, I found myself completely lost in looking at celebrity engagement rings. And this is what happened next:

1. Beyonce

I don't expect anything less from the IT power couple. Jay Z proposed to the beautiful singer with an 18 carat diamond ring estimated at around $5 million. I would love to experience the feeling of wearing that ring even just for a day, I would probably not leave the house.

2. Kim Kardashian

I am probably the world's biggest non fan of Kim Kardashian, however this ring is absolutely stunning. I am not surprised because as arrogant as Kanye can be, he always shows good taste in all he wears. The way he proposed was a bit too staged, but nonetheless expected from these two. The ring is a 15 carat square diamond valued at 1.25 million.

3. Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds proposed to the sexy Gossip Girl blonde with a 12 carat oval shaped diamond, at $2 million. She is not only married to one of the sexiest men in Hollywood but she is also the proud wearer of this "tiny" accessory...Lucky gal

4. Gabrielle Union

They say basketball players in the NBA are some of the world's highest paid athletes. I haven't yet experienced this, but the "Act like a lady, think like a man" actress has. Gabrielle Union was proposed to with this 8.5 carat diamond ring, a million dollar cushion cut diamond. I have to say this is my favorite ring. I want one! 

5. Kate Middleton


The classy Dutchess of Cambridge looks lovely wearing this amazing ring, which has been in the royal family since Diana's marriage to Charles. It is said that the price for this stunning oval blue sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, on a beautiful 18 K white gold has increased wonder why.

6. Cheryl Cole


There are no details about Cheryl's wedding or ring, but it' s such a trendy, gorgeous ring.

7. Mariah Carey


Hollywood's biggest diva gets to wear one of the most rarest types of diamonds, a pink rock valued at $ 2.5 million. I have to admit, I am quite surprised it's not a diamond in the shape of a butterfly...

8. Jennifer Aniston

She finally gets the rock!! And what a rock this is! The sexy Justin Theroux, proposed to Aniston with this splendid 8 carat diamond. Aww I am really happy for her, after the Brad break up, which was hundreds of years ago, we thought this star lost her desire to love. But she's back, and Justin is just perfect. And so is that rock!

9. Kelly Clarkson

The humble singer announced to the world her engagement with Brandon Blackstock by posting a photo of her new piece of bling, a yellow canary 5 carat diamond.

10. Victoria Beckham

Becks and Posh have been together for so long, I actually don't remember the original ring. But why have only one, when you can have more... Here is a "small" collection of the rings Becks gave his designer wifey.

There you have. In the world of the rich and famous, some have it all, the glam, the love, the bling, the rings.

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