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The Most Notorious Selfies... So Far

The Most Notorious Selfies... So Far

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The dust has settled from The Oscars and the one thing everyone is talking about isn’t the winners or the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio left empty handed once again (will he ever get that win?) No, what everyone is still talking about is THAT picture, or as we all know it: THAT selfie. Haven’t seen or heard about it yet? Well, get your head out from under that humongous rock and take a look…

Ellen's Selfie

Yep, that’s the selfie tweeted by Ellen Degeneres that has now became the most retweeted tweet of all time, with it at the time of writing - having over 3.3 MILLION retweets. A dizzying number and one that shows just how popular the ‘selfie’ now is. Come on, admit it – we have all taken one. I caught myself taking one in a lift and I don’t even know why… but that’s beside the point because Ellen’s now infamous selfie brought us all to think – what are the most famous and/or iconic selfies to date? This is by no means a definitive list but here are some of them!

Obama Selfie

Obama Selfie

With a list that includes Miley Cyrus (we’ll get to that in a second) it’s surprising that Barack Obama, David Cameron and Helle Thorning Schmidt (the Prime Minister of Denmark that was made famous by this very selfie) are setting the benchmark for poor taste. Taking this at the memorial for Nelson Mandela. Of course the most famous selfie until Ellen came along at the Oscars.

Kim’s Curves

Kim Kardashian Selfie

Even if you don’t know what she actually does, you’ll know who Kim Kardashian is – and will have most likely seen this selfie of her months after having first baby North in a swimsuit that doesn’t leave much to the imagination and left fiancé Kanye West tweeting “HEADING HOME NOW”. Subtle.

Miley’s Lil Kim

Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim

Following on from Kim Kardashian’s revealing Instagram selfie, Miley took a leaf out of another Kim’s book and went for a notorious Lil Kim look on Halloween. Never one to shy away from showing skin or making headlines, this is probably the selfie that gained the most attention!

Space Selfie

Astronaut Selfie

In my personal opinion this trumps the Ellen selfie any day of the week because IT IS IN OUTER SPACE. Need I say any more? No, of course not. Not many people can say they took a selfie in space, but Aki Hoshide can!

A Selfie too Far

Brooklyn Suicide Selfie

Finally, what at the moment definitely stands tall as the worst selfie of all time and is a worrying snapshot of this generation, with a tourist taking a selfie of herself (so far, so normal)… with a man attempting to commit suicide from Brooklyn Bridge in the background (ooooooh, that IS bad).

Extra Selfies…

Actually, because I didn’t want this article to end on such a sombre note, here’s a couple of extra selfies because 1. They are brilliant and 2. They deserve some attention:

Father Son Selfie


Perfectly Timed Selfie


Animals take Selfies

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