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Five Top Travel Accessories for your Hen Weekend

Five Top Travel Accessories for your Hen Weekend

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We’ve looked at how to hack your hen weekend, but what about those of you who would prefer to just drop some cash on a handful of things that would make your weekend more enjoyable, exciting and bearable? It’s your lucky day because I’ve rounded up five products that I think would go down a treat for any women on a hen do.

Waterproof phone case or carry case


If like me you tend to go on holiday with friends that won’t even think twice about pushing you in the hotel swimming pool with your pockets full then a waterproof case is probably the best thing you could ever buy. You can use your phone normally when it is in the pouch, and both texting and hearing calls aren't a problem at all.

If you don’t carry much else then a waterproof phone case like this one would be ideal, but if you carry a purse, money or anything else then you can get waterproof carry bags that might be more suitable for you. Either way, grab one of these and make sure you don’t have to replace your water damaged iPhone when you return home.

How much? £20-30 (dependent on size)
Where from? Aquapac



Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Any good night out generally seems to begin with loud music, sing-alongs and some pre-drinking, but if you’re staying in a hotel or apartment then your music options might be limited to radio or even some weird music channel.

Make the party your own with a portable Bluetooth speaker; you can buy a decent one for around £25 these days. They’re easy to set up and everyone can take turns being a hotel room DJ as you get ready, which is far better than watching the news or Great Movie Mistakes before you head out for a night on the tiles. If you buy one of these for your hen do you should take a look at our Hen Party Playlists for some weekend tunes.

How much? £25
Where from? Currys



Inflatable hoodie pillow



Chances are you’ll want to be getting in some sleep wherever you can in preparation for the shut eye you’re going to miss out on during your hen weekend, so this has to be the perfect travel accessory for your needs.

Catch some Zs no matter where you may be with the Travel HoodiePillow, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a travel pillow with a hood! Break this out on the plane, train, bus, or car and snooze in style. You get the comfort of a travel pillow combined with a hood that you can use to block out light (and other people’s faces), and it’s made from sweatshirt material.

How much? $20 (about £13)
Where from?



Sleep Phones



Do you like listening to music to get you to sleep at night? Don’t you find that your earphones end up hurting after a while? Well not anymore with the Sleep Phones, described on their website as ‘pyjamas for your ears’.

It’s a headband with earphones, which should make getting to sleep a little bit easier and it is much comfier to wear than your standard set of earphones. You can connect your iPod using the headphone jack, or you could even upgrade and go for the deluxe, Bluetooth version. Use this and the Travel HoodiePillow and you’re onto a clear winner here.

How much? $39.99 (about £25) / $99.99 for wireless version (about £60)
Where from?



Miss Army Kit



So the guys get the Swiss Army Knife, and now the girls get the Miss Army Kit. This is 100% essential for any woman on any night out if you ask me, and is packed with useful features including a mirror, nail file, tweezers, perfume bottle, knife, ruler, bottle opener and much more!

I can’t really think of much more to say about this, because I think that once anyone sees the picture they’ll know right there and then that they will need to go and buy one now!

How much? $15 (about £9)
Where from? Knife Centre

You may also wish to know how to pack light for your hen do as well, especially if you've got a few of these gadgets to make room for after reading this article.



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