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Five Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day

Five Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is an annual event that is celebrated on 30th July. It probably goes without saying that friendship is a hugely important part of our lives. Friendships come in a variety of shapes and forms; you may have friends that you spend almost every weekend with, or friends that you only see occasionally but it never feels like very long has passed when you’re together again. Your closest friends might be the people that you live with or those that you work with. Or, long-distance friendships that are kept alive by regular WhatsApp messages and Skype calls at weird times. Friends that you’ve known since you were at school or university. Friends that have wandered into your life more recently and perhaps unexpectedly. Friends that feel like family, or friends that actually are your family. And sometimes, your partner can double up as your best friend.

Regardless of your circumstances or how you met, International Friendship Day is a day to celebrate! Grab those closest to you and make the most of this day. Plus, any excuse for a celebration is a good one, right?!

Friends laughing and enjoying ice cream together on the beach

Here are five ways that you can celebrate International Friendship Day…

  1. Celebrate International Friendship Day with Dinner and Drinks
  2. Throw a Sleepover Party
  3. Book a Spa Day
  4. Embrace the Great Outdoors and Get Active
  5. Get Together with Your Friends and Book a Trip

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1. Celebrate International Friendship Day with Dinner and Drinks

Group of friends celebrating with food and drink

There’s little that can feel wrong when the drinks are flowing, the food is good, and the company is even better! Celebrate International Friendship Day by getting together with your besties to spend some quality time together over food and a glass of wine at your favourite restaurant. Or, you could always toast to your friendship with mimosa’s at a bottomless brunch! If you fancy something a little more low-key, you could always order a takeaway or enjoy a hearty homecooked meal.

2. Throw a Sleepover Party 

Friends at sleepover chatting and enjoying food

Grab the facemasks, stock up on the snacks and invite your friends over for a good, old-fashioned sleepover part-ay. A sleepover is great at any age, it’s a fun way to bond with the girls and plus as an adult you’ll be able to pop open a bottle of prosecco. There’s nothing quite like reliving your youth as you sing along to your favourite ballads and weep over *that* scene in The Notebook. Even if chick-flicks and facemasks aren’t your thing, it’s still a great way to bond with your mates.

3. Book a Spa Day

Friends taking a selfie and celebrating international friendship day at a spa

Treat yourselves to a luxurious spa day complete with treatments that will make you all feel amazing. Is there anything better than feeling completely blissed out after a back and neck massage? Or feeling fresh after a revitalising facial and manicure? You could always decide to book an overnight stay and extend the celebrations.

4. Embrace the Great Outdoors and Get Active

Friends spending time together outside

If you and your friends are an active bunch, then why not head out into the great outdoors and be at one with nature? If you’re strapped for cash but still want to mark the occasion, you could simply go for a walk and chat. Or, you could have a picnic or a BBQ (and cross your fingers that the weather will hold out – unpredictable British weather n’ all). You could always decide to do something a little more adventurous and try an assault course or something equally as hilarious and fun.

5. Get Together with Your Friends and Book a Trip

Friends celebrating international friendship day by going on a road trip

Is there a city that you and your pals have always dreamed of visiting together? Or maybe you always talk about going on a road trip? Use International Friendship Day as an excuse to finally book it! Whether you book a last-minute trip or book in advance, a getaway is a great way of celebrating. You might even decide that now is the perfect time to get the girls together to organise and book your friends (or your own) hen do with Hen Heaven!

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Friends celebrating with wine

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