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6 great reasons why we love the month of March!

6 great reasons why we love the month of March!

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March you beauty, welcome!!! Spring has finally arrived, and winter has long made its departure. Ok, maybe not yet, as mornings are still a bit icy, but the sun is out most days, and that's what we want. There is something so magical about spring, people finally get out of their great depression, dealing with the Christmas stress, too many boozy nights and naughty meals, and lets not forget, THE RAIN! But all of that is gone now, and it's time to smile. To celebrate the arrival of such a great season, lets have a look at 6 seriously sexy celebrity men who are also celebrating their birthdays this month!

Dan Carter 33 years old (5th March)

 The kiwi rugby player is not only known for his sexy body and charming smile, but he is one of the nicest and most down to earth athletes out there. Daniel is considered one of the best and highest paid rugby players.

Johnny Knoxville 44 years old (11th March)

 Johnny is the ultimate bad boy and has aged very gracefully may we add. Wild and eccentric, the Jackass star originally wanted to be a journalist, however settled for a more "adventurous" calling.

Jon Hamm 44 years old (11th March)

 This gorgeous Mad Men actor was also a very accomplished football player back in high school. He chose to stick to acting and we are very happy with that. Talented and fit... yes please!

Adam Levine 35 years old (18th March)

 Dating one of the hottest VS models out there, we are totally poised by Adam's rock star sex appeal and that beautifully sculpted body covered in ink.

Jordi Alba  25 years old (21st March)

 Spanish, cute and an athlete....need we say more?

Vince Vaughn 44 (28th March)

 There is nothing sexier in a man than a good sense of humor, and good old Vince here has that and more. His charm and positive vibes are completely infectious. Fun fact about Vince... he loves to dance and party. (a man who can make us laugh and dance, perfection).

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