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Hating the World Cup? We have the answer…

Hating the World Cup? We have the answer…

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It hasn’t even been a week since the World Cup began but already some women around the office and on Facebook or Twitter are expressing their exhaustion at the sheer amount of football taking over the TV, news and whatever anyone seems to be talking about… every. single. day.

And it definitely isn’t going to let up, with it coming to a close on Sunday 13th July – a long long while away if you’re already getting bored of it all. So what can you do to stave off the World Cup woes and make sure you and the girl aren’t drowning under a sea of football related fodder?

Luckily (and because many of the Hen Heaven team feel the same way) we have just the thing for you. Our all new ‘World Cup Widows’ package – allowing any women out there that have been widowed momentarily because of the World Cup to group together with their friends and enjoy a weekend that has nothing to do with the football…

Yes, because we all know the weekends are when the football fever reaches boiling point and are when you can truly let loose. And let loose you all definitely will with a weekend in one of the UK’s top cities where you and the girls head to the spa to relax your minds and get away from all the noise before you create your own with the shaking of ice and the clinking of glasses in a cocktail making masterclass. All of this football-free fun deserves a celebration, so when night falls over your chosen city we’ll be sending you to the best club it has to offer!

Forget about the football – let’s party with the World Cup Widows package, available in the following cities:

- London

- Manchester

- Brighton

- Newcastle

- Liverpool

- Bournemouth

Click on each to take you there and remember – your man owes you it for all the neglect over this month!


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