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Have you found your soul mate?

Have you found your soul mate?

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Why is it that in the times we need to focus the most, the universe very subtly puts a little sign out there to remind us of something or somebody we thought we have forgotten about; just to confuse us, or perhaps to challenge us into bringing our minds into focus again.

I always found that when things go really well, hopefully most of the time, there comes a little interruption, a reminder, a thought perhaps, to remind us that our rose colored glasses may have a little dirt on them which needs to be wiped away.

The most peaceful human beings never let themselves distracted by external stimuli, but continue to live within a harmonious state of being, in the moment, no deviations from the present. But how can that be when life is so much more interesting if we drift away for a second, and we find a little bit of chaos within our calmness?

It is said that soul mates never seek for one another, but they simply just find each other. Apparently their minds correlate; so if one is thinking of the other, the other is most likely to be doing the same thing, regardless of the distance between them, the obstacles emerging on their paths to separation and other external factors. In the soul mate world, there are no distractions, but a continuous walk on the same path in the opposite direction, eventually coming together.

I believe that we have many soul mates; friends, family, lovers, acquaintances. I like to look at soul mates as those people that you bond with, who you want to share things with, and most importantly, who you feel connected with. But when we fall in love, one becomes much more than just a soul mate. They become that special person who found the key to open our heart, to see who we are, what our soul is like, to know and understand our mind, to appreciate our character, to hopefully give us the key to their heart too; perhaps that is why people who have found true love are always so happy; their hearts found a match and the doors to new horizons are now wide open. The wisest of lovers swear by the fact that when you know somebody is “the one”, you just know. You feel it, you see it. There are no confusions, doubts or imbalances. You just know! Very rarely, the moment comes when we meet that special somebody and we learn that we just know they are meant to be for us. Maybe part of it is infatuation, maybe their looks play a leading role or maybe the way we feel around them ceases the uncertainty. I don’t know the actual equation and how it works, but it just does.

It’s a strange feeling meeting somebody who makes you feel like they are meant to be with you for sure.  We function to the best of our abilities, but with our minds in another place, a happy, fun, warm, safe place.

We become consumed in a bubble of constantly thinking about them, missing them, wondering what they are doing, euphorically living every day. We wonder why we feel so strongly about somebody who is not necessarily next to us. Are we meant to be more attentive for little signs the universe throws at us ? The law of gravity states that there is a force of attraction between two objects that have the same mass; the more mass they have, the greater the force of attraction. Perhaps since this is such a valid theory, we can apply love into it, and when the love is strong enough between two people, eventually, they will have no choice, but be pulled to one another.


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