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Say hello to the world's first HE-TOX Package!

Say hello to the world's first HE-TOX Package!

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You’d think that the Christmas period would be a time for love and spending quality time with your special guy. You’d think that right? Well you’d be somewhat wrong: according to this survey it’s actually the highest peak time for couples to break-up. Yeah not really what I was expecting either... Oh and since we’re currently on the ‘Depression Express’ – Santa isn’t real either (sorry to break it to you.)

Saying that though I’m not really surprised about the break-up stats, the Yuletide season has become increasingly stressful over the years with Christmas shopping becoming like some sort of bank balancing nightmare combined with the pressure for modern people to be as happy and relaxed as possible during the holiday season, to the point where it’s almost forced. Is it any surprise that most couples snap under the pressure?

Anyway the sad statistic is that more women emerge from the Xmas holidays newly single than ‘with a ring on it’.’  Then once the New Year rolls round we’re expected to hit the gym, work harder and become the best goddamn person ever – all whilst nursing a broken heart.

Well, we’ve had enough.  I’ve certainly had enough anyway, because for too long has the singleton been scolded, shushed and shooed away like the outcast of the Wedding Industry.  So to celebrate and reward all the broken hearted survivors out there, here at Hen Heaven we’ve decided to create the world’s first official He-tox Package! A fun-filled, stress relieving package created for single women by a single woman (me!)

Because hitting the gym on a cold Monday morning does not sound fun to me, neither does eating a whole box of Cadbury’s Roses whilst watching ‘The Notebook’ and crying a mascara river into the empty wrappers. However, a weekend away with my single friend’s clay pigeon shooting (release all that anger), relaxing at a spa and drunkenly dancing (badly)  later on that night - sounds marvellous!

So join me on my singleton revolution and celebrate being free again. After all, any guy who dumps you leading to/during the festive period sounds like a jerk and is absolutely not worth your tears. Whereas you deserve to be rewarded for surviving him!

So go on! Gather some single girlfriends, book the He-tox package and treat yourself.  It’ll make you feel a million pounds better than a tub of Ben & Jerry’s on your own – trust me on this (I’ve been there and done that.)