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Healthy Hen Do's: All You Need to Know

Healthy Hen Do's: All You Need to Know

While hen do’s come in all shapes and sizes, 2018 has been a trend setter in the recent upsurge of hen weekends with a healthier edge. The so-called healthy hen do’s are sweeping the nation and Hen Heaven have more than happily adapted to the change.

In the hen do’s short history it has always revolved around a perceived unhealthy predilection on booze. In the 60’s hen do’s were in a pub and involved a bride being paraded with rude words stuck on her clothing. The modern era has been full of shots, inflatable obscenities and broken heels.

But the times they are a changing and 2018 has been the first year this trend has been noticed. Hens are now putting down the glasses and are looking for a more experience-based weekend, full of activities that don’t involve any stodgy foods or sugary drinks. Some hen groups are even using the weekend to discover new ways of having a cleaner life which is very different to the stereotype of the celebration.


Why Are Healthy Hen Do’s Gaining Popularity?

Reasons for these changes are varied and in some way reflect a general attempt from society to lead healthier lives. Of course, one of the very good reasons to maintain a health kick through a hen weekend is to make sure that the bride and all her bridesmaids are looking their best for the big day. You don’t want to spend a significant amount of time and money on dresses only to not be able to fit in them after one too many burgers and cocktails!

From a societal point of view it has been shown that the latest generation are leaving behind the unhealthy habits of the previous one behind. The most obvious way this has changed is the plummeting numbers of people drinking. While the British have always liked a pint or two the age groups of 16-24 year olds are turning their back on alcohol with as much as 25% of them not drinking at all.

Another reason is the growing influence of social media on the behaviours of the younger generations. Now every day has to be catalogued and a hen do is no different. On a big messy night out there is not much in the way of pictures or posts to be had that you can show off. Now hen do’s are all about a social media experience, with photo opportunities and a need to impress followers leading to them choosing hen do’s that will complement their lifestyle.

Nights out and clubbing are so pervasive in our society now that for some it doesn’t feel like a truly interesting thing to do on your last night of freedom anymore. People can go out any day of the week, but a hen weekend can be a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends you might not have seen in a while. Instead of spending that time in a noisy club where no one can hear each other speak they are choosing to have more quality time together.


What Activities Are Great for a Healthy Hen Party?

Dance Class

When it comes to a healthy hen do you will not be surprised to hear that activities with a lot of physical exertion come high up on the list. Dance classes are perfect for this. They provide a group with a shared experience and also a fantastic workout. One of the best aspects of doing a dance class is the variety that can be on offer. You can choose to learn a specific style like Bollywood and Salsa, or you can choose a specific number like the final dance from the film Dirty Dancing that might mean something to your group. One thing that is for sure on a dance class hen weekend you will feel it in your legs and will be able to learn  something new while also burning some calories. The rehearsal and performance can also be a great opportunity to get a video of the group that can then be posted on social media.


To take your group on a “zen hen” experience then yoga will be just what the doctor ordered. This ancient Indian discipline is the perfect choice for a hen group wanting a complete break from their daily lives and to give themselves some me time. Yoga retreats are particularly popular taking groups to the most relaxing places and letting them practice in peace. Yoga is a mix of physical challenges as well as mental theory that take you over as a lifestyle if you let it. Doing some yoga on a hen weekend can be your only opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and family so hen do’s are choosing them more than ever before.

Cookery Class

When you think of a traditional hen weekend you usually think of a big decadent meal preceding a night out that will hopefully help soak up all the drinks that are to come. Most of the food you usually consume on a hen do would be hearty to say the least - with a large feast celebrating the occasion. With this modern healthy hen do kick, a great way to change some eating habits is a cookery class. It not only fuels the hen group but also gives you a chance to learn some new cuisines. There are plenty of different options but by cooking with whole foods from scratch you can make it as healthy as you like.


What Are the Best Destinations For Healthy Hen Do’s?

This new healthy hen weekend trend can take place pretty much anywhere with careful planning, something our party planners can help you with. There are some locations however that lean towards a healthier choice.

Bath has been a spa own since the Roman times with people flocking there to get the health benefits of the natural hot waters. The city is now home to modern spa’s where you can try amazing treatments that will have you feeling rejuvenated after a hen weekend rather than hungover! Budapest, Hungary is also a famous spa town and there are plenty of options with retreats in the mountains where you truly escape from UK life for a while.

For the sheer amount of options available London hen do’s still one of the best options for hen groups looking to build a weekend around healthy activities. Not only is there plenty of choice for low cal foods but also you can take your pick from a ton of dance classes and energy sapping activities that will keep you in shape for the big day.


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