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Hen Heaven does the Thriller dance

Hen Heaven does the Thriller dance

Categories: Music

With Halloween around the corner, we here at Hen Heaven have been getting into the (spooky) spirit of things. So much so that we’ve launched two new, themed limited hen party packages - ThrillHer and Dead Hen Walking. However, selling packages that we have not yet experienced ourselves seemed a bit… wrong. So to properly get into the mood for Halloween and to educate ourselves, several Hen Heaven staff members decided to partake in a dance lesson. But not just any dance, one of the most iconic dance routines in dancing history - Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.


Oh yes, our lovely PR Coordinator (Lynsey) arranged a dance lesson with one of our lovely suppliers and before you could say “Shamone” a bunch of us were gathered in a hotel meeting room and warming up for our big performance. Well, everyone except for me who decided that for the sake of humanity, should be in charge of filming and photo taking instead. That’s what I tell myself and everyone who questioned me on the day. (Though I did later join in the dancing at certain intervals!)



Anyway, after some limbering up, everyone else got to practice some iconic MJ moves. The “thrust” (there was a lot of “thrusting”) and the Jesus pose (to name but a few!) Then we got to actually practicing the moves in stages. This was incredibly important but meant that the room got very sweaty, very quickly. Really sweaty. So by the time the troupe had memorised the full routine (and had to perform it in masks no less) the room was a steamy, sweaty arena of Thriller dance experts (O.K. maybe not experts but certainly enthusiasts.)

So please enjoy the video below: it’s a showcase of our efforts. Blood (no blood was shed), sweat (literally) and tears (no actual tears were shed - O.K. maybe on my part for laughing at certain failed moves.)