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Hen Heaven loves marriage!

Hen Heaven loves marriage!

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Not too long ago a friend and I were sitting in the pub (as you do) on a Friday night when the subject of marriage came up. Now I’m a hopeless romantic unlike my friend who thinks love is some kind of unfortunate social disease. So I wasn’t entirely surprised when she quickly quipped that, “marriage is an outdated tradition that people only partake in out of obligation” rather than actual desire to be married.

Personally I don’t agree with her and I was determined to prove her cynicism wrong: I firmly believe that people still believe in marriage and that there’s still a place for it in today’s society. Even though I won’t deny that more and more couples are choosing to cohabit nowadays (an estimated 5.9 million couples cohabit in the UK) both as a precursor and as an alternative to marriage.

Still, regardless of whether you are married or not, most people still believe in the sanctity of marriage and (more importantly) plan to continue the tradition. Well most staff here at Hen Heaven still believe in it anyway! How do I know? Well… because I asked and refreshingly 93% of the people in the company believe marriage still has a place in society and 81% plan to get married sometime in the future (the rest were unsure!)

In fact when asked about marriage many of the staff members had lots of uplifting thoughts on the subject,

“Marriage is great. It’s a true commitment to your other half and is very valuable in today’s society” -   Peter in Accounts

“I love being married! It takes your commitment and love for someone to an official level and establishes you as the other half to that person. The wedding itself was the best day of my life to date and the myths that marriage makes a relationship boring and mundane are far from the truth. If you’ve found the right person…… do it!!”  - Kim in HR

“Even though the culture has changed massively in the past 10–20 years or so, I do believe in marriage but think it can only truly work if it’s with the right person, and for everyone – the right person is out there.” - Richard in Marketing

“It’s a wonderful thing to happen! When you find that right person!” -   J.J in Sales

“I can’t wait to do all that! Of all things in life I think that’s what you’re supposed to do – fall in love, get married and have babies!” – Olivia in Customer Care

“My parents are happily married and have been for years. So I’ve always thought to myself, why wouldn’t I be if I was too?”- Andy in I.T.

“It’s really sweet and lovely. It has a place in society and there’s nothing wrong with spending lots of money and treating yourself to the perfect day. So long as it’s for the right reasons and with the right person!”  - Jess in Admin

“It’s a beautiful thing and it’s a good excuse for the whole family to get together and be happily united.” – Beth in Productst