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Hen Heaven Spotlight on Prague

Hen Heaven Spotlight on Prague

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We often get asked which our favourite hen weekend destination is, and it’s always a tough one. Because it’s like asking us which pair of Louboutin’s we want and the answer is always – errm… ALL OF THEM?? So instead of choosing, we decided to write a series of spotlight posts instead whereby we feature a different destination and tell you the best things to see and do in that place.

So to start off our spotlight series we’ve picked the magical and cultural city of Prague as our first spotlight destination…

Bar Crawl

If you plan to hit Prague for a night of alcohol induced fun, then we seriously recommend going on a guided Prague bar crawl. That way, you’ll have a local guide to take you to some of the best and unique places in town. Also, if you find yourself in need of someone who can speak the local lingo, then you’ve got someone on hand to sort everything out.  Plus these bar crawls normally include a free drink in each bar too, so won’t have to worry about getting thirsty!

River Cruise

Prague is a beautiful and cultural city that really deserves at least one day of full sight-seeing to fully appreciate it, and whilst we recommend doing some of it by foot… Nothing quite beats seeing the city by boat: only does it provide a different perspective from which to see the cit. It also makes you and your girls look incredibly stylish as you cruise along the river Vltava.

Beer Spa

The Czech Republic is famous for its beer production, but what most people don’t know is that beer (or technically the yeast and hops in beer) actually have very beneficial cosmetic effects on the body. Anyway, the spa normally includes a soak in a beer filled tub (no joke) whilst you enjoy a refreshing glass of beer (poured from another hygienic source!) Then this is normally followed by the option to get some relaxing treatments in a separate beauty treatment room.  For more information please click here.

Prague Segway Tour

I can personally vouch for this – it really is one of the best things you can do in Prague: prior to my Czech trip I’d never been on a Segway before.  My boyfriend at the time booked this as a surprise activity and boy am I glad he did: it is a lot of fun! You get to see Prague on a Segway, so not only do you get to see some of the amazing sights you also get to experience something new. The guides speak perfect English and are knowledge and friendly. At the time of my tour it was just my boyfriend and I, but I can see this being hugely fun for a hen group.  So if you really want to make your hen weekend unforgettable then do this – you won’t be disappointed!