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Hen Heaven’s “Boss” Sam joins MTV’s Geordie Shore

Hen Heaven’s “Boss” Sam joins MTV’s Geordie Shore

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As part of the new series, the fabulously fun T.V. series Geordie Shore returned to our screens once again last night and this time the “well mint” cast headed to Europe. Bride-to-be Vicky and fiancé Ricci will be re-joined by Charlotte, Gary, Sophie, Holly, James, Dan and Scott. The cast will be visiting some of the EU’s best party cities such as, Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona and Tignes.

How did we get involved? Well MTV bosses approached us here at  and asked us to provide one of our best stag & hen experts. Instantly we put forward Sam aka “Boss Sam” and before you could say “get your tash on” she was flown out to whip the cast into shape.

Now that she’s back, we grabbed her for a quick Q&A about her Geordie Shore experience…

Q: So Sam how did you feel about being picked to appear on the show and how many days did you stay for?

A: Shocked and excited! I couldn’t believe it! I’m a big fan of the series anyway and have been watching it since the beginning. So it was a real experience to actually meet the cast face-to-face. I stayed with the crew and cast for Amsterdam and Prague. We spend 3 nights in each city.

Q: In the show you had to whip the cast into shape and advise them on how to organise stag and hen parties. Was this hard to do?

A: Well I’m quite good at being bossy anyway, so that part wasn’t hard! I was nervous though as I’ve never been on T.V. before but I loved the attention – it was fun! The cast were entertaining and we all had a really good time. Even if it did look like I was annoyed and angry most of the time!

Q:  Did your hen and stag knowledge and experience come in handy during the filming?

A: Oh yeah!  I’ve been working at Hen Heaven & The Stag Company for 5 years now, so I know a lot about how to organise them. It also helped that I’d been to Prague before. Saying that though, none of us [Sam and the cast] had ever been to Amsterdam before, so that was a new experience for everyone!

Q: What was your favourite part about appearing on the show?

A: Meeting the cast. Like I said before, I’m a huge fan of the show so being able to meet people you watch on T.V. in real life is a great feeling. They are some of the funniest people I have ever met and I really enjoyed doing the whole thing. Sophie is just as hilarious in real life as she is on T.V!

Q: Finally, do you have any exclusive juicy gossip or back stage stories for us?

A: Well… the tension between Gaz and Charlotte is just as strong off screen as it is on. Gaz needs to sort it out and just get together with her! Also, there was a funny moment in the minibus after filming when one of the cast members [Sam refuses to say] was being tested on their general knowledge and they didn’t know who Hitler was!