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Top 5 UK Hen Party Destinations 2012

Top 5 UK Hen Party Destinations 2012

Categories: Hen Party Advice

We organise a lot of hen parties. That much is obvious. However after reviewing some of our old blog posts, we realised that we’ve never actually written up a “Top 5 hen destinations for 2012". Admittedly the year is almost over (don’t even get me started on the whole Christmas adverts in October thing.) So this whole post might be a bit late… however (as the saying goes) better late than never!

So if you’re planning a winter hen party and need some hen party activities then look further! Because below are some our best-selling hen do destinations for 2012 (so far!)



The shopping. The theatre. The bars… there really is no place like London, which is why it’s our undefeated winner for the 5th year in a row. Not that we’re surprised! Mainly because London has the largest selection of well… everything and if it doesn’t have the most then it certainly has the best! Oh and speaking of the best, the capitol is certainly the best place to learn cocktail making (not to mention drink them too!) Guess that‘s why our “In the Mix” weekend is our most popular London package.




Home to the Hen Heaven offices and considered to be “London by the sea”, Brighton is famous for its quirky boutique streets (known as “The Lanes”) and its piers (both the burnt one and the new one.) Brighton has long been a favourite place to visit for those who want to “be beside the seaside.” It’s also a great place to get a little naughty, so grab your garters and slip into some stockings because Brighton is the place to get some Burlesque lessons (why what were you thinking!?)




For all the angels of the north who consider London too far a trip for their hen do, Manchester is the party city of choice. Packed full of fantastic world class shops and a ridiculously diverse night scene, Manchester is a city that can cater to all tastes. So if you want to party like a pop star and drink like a celebrity then the Manchester Platinum package is perfect for ladies who love to be spoilt.




Despite being much smaller than the other cities, Bristol is fast becoming a favourite hen party city. The waterfront has some of the best bars in town and during the weekend it’s always frequented by the trendy locals. We’ve been told by our past hens that Bristol is the best city to get some pampering. So if getting your nails done and your back massaged sounds like heaven then Bristol is the place to go for a weekend of hen party pampering!




Last but not least, Nottingham is another favourite hen party haunt up north. What with its fantastic nightlife and “shop till you drop” shopping… Nottingham is certainly a city not to be missed! We recommend the Nottingham “City package” which includes cocktail making, spa treatments and pre-paid nightclub entry for an all-round amazing hen weekend!