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How to dress for a summer wedding

How to dress for a summer wedding

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It's the wedding season and it’s always an exciting time for guests.Champagne, canapes and tears of joy.  I am a huge believer in love; and weddings are those beautiful celebrations of love and togetherness. My favorite thing about weddings of course is the fact that I glam up and wear my highest heels and prettiest dress, even perhaps a daring fascinator. For some however, this can be a scary thought. Oh no, what do I wear? Will it be too much? Am I under-dressed? It’s all a bit of a mystery and the key thing to discovering all your unanswered questions is to follow the golden rule: It’s never too much.



Ahhh, the best thing about being a woman…. We get to wear beautiful dresses. Especially during the summer, the dress season. The type of dress you decide to wear should be formal and elegant, yet casual enough that it will allow you to breathe by the end of the day. Common mistake lots of women make is that they buy very fitted, elegant dresses, but by the end of the day, they feel bloated, uncomfortable and too afraid to even partake in the photos. You should know your body and what suits you.


Summer is all about maxi dresses. If you are a fairly tall, athletic build person, this would be your perfect choice. Maxi dresses are perfect for those warm summer days, however do make sure you stay away from ivory and whites; that’s solely for the bride! Ombre is really in at the moment so you can totally find pretty colors all mixed together in one Grecian style dress. Stick with some cute flat sandals to complete the look.

Little Mistress Maxi dress in Ombre Floral from Asos


Sweetheart cut dresses are extremely flattering; however make sure that your bust is well adjusted for them as you could have a bit of a Janet Jackson moment if you are not careful. They always look great with high heels and a gorgeous over-sized necklace.

Watercolor lip print sateen dress from

Woven Drop Stone collar from Topshop

 The pretty dress

Summer is all about bright colors and floral patterns. It's the season to explore your femininity and get dolled up.

Carven Open back cotton dress from Net-a-porter

Semi Precious Triangle Drop earrings from Topshop


Skater Floral dress from Asos


The little black dress is a MUST in your wardrobe… always!! Miss Hepburn taught us that simplicity is the key to elegance. It’s the one dress that will always save you when you are out of style ideas.

Mango Chiffon drape dress from Asos

The skirt outfit

Recently, Olivia Palermo, the it fashion gal, married her partner is a gown which included  a tutu, shorts and a cardigan. Now I know you are just attending the wedding and you are not the bride, but you can definitely opt for a skirt and blouse duo.

Needle and Thread Tulle skirt

Colours! Aquamarine, yellow, pinks, corals, pastels.



Be honest with yourself. If you don’t know how to walk in heels, then don’t wear heels. Flats can look just as good. But if you can handle them, ohhhhh, well then just go for it. Unless the wedding is held at a high heels unfriendly venue, you should wear your most adored, sparkly, and seductive, however they look heels. It’s a special occasion after all!

Honey Pot Sandals

River Island Platform Sandals

Tartan Bow Flat shoes



Printed silk sating clutch

Oasis printed Clutch


Never forget to finish your outfit with suitable accessorize. Remember what Madame Chanel taught us: Before you leave the house, remove the last accessory you added. Less is more xx


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