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How to Open a Bottle of Wine without a Corkscrew

How to Open a Bottle of Wine without a Corkscrew

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I’m sure there has been a moment in your life where you’ve been avec wine but sans bottle opener, which is about as frustrating as having a case of bottled beer and no bottle opener (I know this feeling all too well). So after discovering all manner of ways to open a beer bottle without the need for a bottle opener I thought there must be ways of opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

Turns out there are, hurrah! So without further ado, here’s a handful of incredibly useful ways of opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew:

Against a tree

This seems to be the most common method, and would come in handy for those picnics and afternoons spent in the park. All you’ll need is a shoe (just find a guy) to place your bottle in, or a towel, scarf or something material to wrap your bottle in. Then you just need to start tapping the base of the bottle against a tree. Slowly but surely the force from striking the tree will edge the cork out of the neck of the bottle. Just keep an eye on the cork and when it’s far enough out for you to get a fair grip on you’re in business. If you’re not in a park but there is a solid wall nearby this will work just as well:

A Coat Hanger

Not that I’d condone it but if you fancy a quick tipple before you leave a hotel room (maybe you’re on a hen do, or a family holiday) just hope that the coat hangers are made of wire. If they are you’re in luck, just watch this video and in a matter of minutes you can be enjoying a nice glass of vino before you head out for a night on the tiles:

A Knife (Careful!)

Okay, I cannot stress enough how CAREFUL YOU MUST BE WITH THIS NEXT ONE. The following video shows how simple it is to pop open a bottle of your finest red or white with a knife. Just make sure that you never, ever, ever attempt this when you’ve been drinking. I wouldn’t even trust myself to try this one sober:


One thing that you’ll almost always have to hand is a spoon of some kind, so knowing how to jimmy a cork out of a wine bottle using one is a fairly invaluable skill. Watch and learn from what I think is a couple of experts with a slightly obsessive fascination with Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves:

A Wooden Spoon

Finally, what I consider to be quite an ingenious method, a wooden spoon! It’s not the tidiest or easiest option but it is definitely useful to learn because you can find a wooden spoon in 99.99% of kitchens around the world. So now the wooden spoon has two uses, stirring and opening bottles of wine:


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