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Tried & tested tips on how to tone up for your wedding

Tried & tested tips on how to tone up for your wedding

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

Not a fun topic we know but lets’ face it, most of us want to look as healthy and has toned as possible before the big day. The key words here being healthy and toned, not gaunt and hungry. Because here at Hen Heaven we  aren't all just about hen parties (even though that is a large part of what we’re about) we’re also about preparing brides-to-be  for the big day and feeling wedding dress ready is a big part of that!

So to help those of you who want to tone up for your wedding day (we had quite a few requests for this article), we asked our resident brides (well past brides) what their top toning tips are when it comes to preparing for the big day!

Kim: - I stopped drinking alcohol 6 months leading up to my wedding as there are so many hidden calories in alcoholic drinks. It was hard but really paid off. I also took up boxing and roped my chief bridesmaid into it so I didn’t feel so alone in class. We both ended up loving it and got really fit as a result of it. Strangely I also ate a lot, but I ate a lot of the right things. So things like snacking on lean chicken pieces and extra veg in place of things like potatoes. In the end I reached my goal and it wasn’t too hard getting there. Trust me; the cravings start to go once you start seeing results. Plus having a friend to encourage you when you’re feeling weak is great!

Lynsey: - The gym and I aren’t friends. In fact, it’s closer to say that we’re enemies. So I was going to have to find another way to get fit. I tried a lot of things and in the end I stuck with pole dancing lessons, as I found that it really worked my core muscles, arms and legs too! I changed my diet to be slightly healthier (no carbs after 6pm) and stuck with 2 glasses of red a week as a treat. I went to the classes twice a week after work and not only did my fiancé (now husband) love my new sexy moves, my arms looked fantastic in my wedding dress.

Alice: - I’ve been on quite a few hen weekend packages and during some of those I tried salsa dancing and I really enjoyed it. So during the build-up to my own wedding, I decided to take it up as a two-in-one exercise and dance practice for my wedding. Coupled with the fact that I reduced my intake of carbs, alcohol and sugar (I love chocolate so this was kind of hard.) However, I allowed myself one “treat day” where I was allowed to eat treats (within moderation.) Anyway, it worked like a dream and within 5 months I slipped into my dress and even had to get it taken in! Woohoo!