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KIMYE WATCH: A Round-Up of the Rap-Royal Wedding…

KIMYE WATCH: A Round-Up of the Rap-Royal Wedding…

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So here it (almost) is – the greatest wedding of all time… OF ALL TIME, as Kanye himself would probably put it. He might be right though, as we can’t remember such a media circus surrounding a wedding since the Royal Wedding – and that’s really saying something.

So with me being a massive Kanye West fan and Hen Heaven of course surrounding all things weddings, we’re currently on what we’ll call KIMYE WATCH – sort of like Brian Fantana’s Panda Watch for Anchorman but with less moustache and bigger egos. But what is actually happening then? What do we know about this ceremony to end all ceremonies? Well firstly unlike the Royal Wedding, it probably won’t be covered by rolling news channels although if it is and we’re totally honest, we can take that as a first sign of the apocalypse.

The Guests

One of the most interesting revelations about the attendees is what Us Magazine reported on yesterday, with Jay-Z being on the list even though it was widely reported that he would not be attending due to the whole event being ‘too public’. What makes that even more interesting is that close friend of Kim’s Rachel Roy will be attending who has by some sources been held up as the catalyst for the now infamous Solange-Smackdown on Jay-Z at the Met Gala. Add to that the fact that Kimye are including a full size wrestling ring at the reception and there’s huge potential for things to get pretty heated (okay, that last part isn’t true…)

The Wedding Itself

How many weddings do you know of that cross over 2 cities, let alone 2 whole countries? Well there ain’t no wedding like a Kimye wedding – because everything will kick off on Friday in Paris for an evening event at le Paris de Versailles (which is worth noting was their Number 1 choice of wedding venue) and then on the Saturday, guests and the happy couple are flying via private jets to Florence and the actual venue, Fort Belvedere. In just 2 sentences its beginning to sound like one of the most impressive weddings ever, so just imagine being there! I’d happily take the private jet ride across Europe alone.

The Couple

Where are they in all of these preparations? At. The. Gym. If you haven’t got a 9-5 job and can afford to spend the days leading up to your wedding however you please, you’re probably going to want to be at the gym to ensure you’re looking your absolute best. So it seems the couple have made a Parisian gym their new home for the time being and have even been pictured in matching gym outfits… awwwww.

And that’s your lot – KIMYE WATCH is done for the day - I’m now off to find a comfy bin to hide inside near Fort Belvedere with a decent view off it all. If you’re not THAT interested in the wedding but have been inspired to go for a VIP hen weekend, start it right here!


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