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Liverpool loves stag and hen weekends

Liverpool loves stag and hen weekends

Categories: Hen Party Advice

Some of you may already be well aware of how much of a reputation Liverpool has for being a bit of a party city, with groups coming from all over the country to spend a night on the tiles in the ‘pool. The same can be said for stag and hen weekends in Liverpool, so much so that a city Councillor is calling for a report into the impact these weekends have on Liverpool itself.

The motion in question acknowledges the benefits of the lads and lasses coming to Liverpool for their parties but also says “the current volume and behaviour of stag and hen parties may be in danger of deterring ordinary visitors and local residents from frequenting Liverpool city centre.” We had a similar discussion recently about how hen and stag nights affect Brighton, where Hen Heaven is based.

The general consensus seems to be the same as well, why try to drive away business and visitors from your fine city if they've chosen it as the destination for what will surely be one of the most memorable nights or weekends of their lives?

A minority will always ruin it for the majority in most cases, this one included but this doesn't mean that groups of hens and stags are always the individuals causing the trouble. Instead of looking into the impact of the industry the Councillor could call on the managers of city centre bars and clubs to join forces and make sure that these parties can still come to their city and continue to contribute to their economy?

We think the pros definitely outweigh the cons here, but it is also up to the parties themselves to act responsibly, which most do. But when things go bad, Liverpool and the other popular hen and stag destinations such as Newcastle and Newquay just need to ensure that security or the police are on hand to deal with out of hand situations.

We can all still plan the best hen party without affecting everyone else, can’t we?


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