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Make pizza, perfume and more on your hen party

Make pizza, perfume and more on your hen party

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If you’ve been looking for hen party ideas on the Hen Heaven website you will have realised we offer a fair few hen party activities for our weekends, including a number of activities where you’ll get the chance to get hands on and make something.

There is no better way to bring together a group than to do something fun and exciting that you’ll all enjoy, which is what makes these lessons ideal for a hen party.

So with this in mind I’ve decided to showcase some of the best activities for your hen party that’ll guarantee you a good time and give you the chance to make something fun!

Cocktail Making

A sure fire way to get people talking is to add a little alcohol to the situation, and with this in mind it’ll come as no surprise to you that our cocktail making masterclasses are incredibly popular with a lot of hen parties that book with us.

It’s not hard to see why either, in these sessions everyone is given tips and pointers from a resident bartender, before being able to put what they’ve learnt into practice and trying to create their favourite cocktail. It won’t be long before you’re giving Tom Cruise in Cocktail a run for his money and knocking together a tasty Cosmo or Mojito.

Where to do it: We suggest Brighton, Marbella, or Amsterdam

Chocolate Making

Another great activity for your hen party is chocolate making, because who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate? I’m sure chocolate that you’ve made yourself tastes better than anything you could buy, because you’ve put the effort in to make it!

Dependent on the city, we offer both chocolate and chocolate truffle making classes, which are fantastic as you get the opportunity to make a tray of truffles that you can take away with you at the end of the session. If it were me I’d probably eat them all long before the session ends, but you’ve probably got a bit more self-control than I have.

Where to do it: We recommend Bournemouth, Bristol, or Newcastle

Perfume Making

If Britney can do it, so can you; perfume making is a relatively new activity that we’ve been offering through Hen Heaven, and it allows you to create your own scent! Surely it would be amazing for someone to notice your own perfume, smell it and ask ‘who is that?’, just so you can reply with ‘oh, that’s me dahhhhhling’, no?

It’s another great way of getting everyone together and talking, as you pick and choose the elements of your perfume, because putting rose petals in water and trying to pass it off as rose perfume is now something that will stay firmly in your childhood. Everyone gets a glass of bubbly and the hen even gets her perfume in a gift box to keep as a reminder of a magical day.

Where to do it: Try Manchester, Leeds, or London

Thai Cooking Class

Cocktails, chocolate, or perfume might not be your thing, but perhaps a Thai cooking class is more ‘you’? If it is you’re in luck, because we’ve very recently started offering cooking courses in select hen party cities around the UK.

With our Thai Cooking Classes your hen party will be split into teams and given chefs outfits, before being given an introduction to some of the ingredients you will find in Thai cooking. Following a demonstration and a practical, hands on session the moment you will have been waiting for arises, the moment where you get to cook and then eat your very own Thai dish. This is one activity that I’d love to try if I get the chance.

Where to do it: Get cooking in Birmingham, Edinburgh, or Liverpool

Pizza Making

Finally, my personal favourite, pizza making! Everyone loves a slice of pizza, so why not try your hand at making your own? We've found pizza making to be very popular with our hen parties over the years, and some of us have even had the privilege of giving it a go ourselves!

The session will see you start with a big lump of fresh pizza dough, and finish by eating the pizza you made! You'll be taught how to kneed and stretch out the dough, before adding a tomato sauce base and a selection of toppings. Once you're happy with your creation it'll be whisked away to the kitchen to be baked, while you take a seat and enjoy a drink and some dough balls.

Pizza may get a bad rap, but you need it in your life. In fact, there are scentific reasons as to why you should eat more pizza! So now you've got no reason not to try a bit of pizza making on your hen do!

Where to do it: Grab a piece-a (geddit?!) the action in Brighton, London, or Manchester

What about making your own coffee?

Now I don't just mean a quick cup of instant here, not that there is anything wrong with instant, it gets me through the working day. I think there is one type of course that would be great to offer to our hen parties, and that is Barista courses! There is no mistaking that we all love a good cup of Joe in the UK, now more than ever, and I’ll bet there are a decent amount of people out there who would love to know how to make the perfect latte or flat white, and how to get one of those cool leaf things or a smiley face in the foam of their cappuccino.

We’re already seeing some coffee shops offering their own courses, in fact both Small Batch Coffee and Taylor Street Barista in Brighton offer Barista courses, and there are others too. In fact, there is even the London School of Coffee now, where you can get a coffee diploma! Imagine being able to create some sort of message in some latte foam for the bride to be.

When it comes to hen party ideas, Hen Heaven is all you need to get everyone together for an unforgettable weekend.


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