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Money saving tips for the thrifty bride

Money saving tips for the thrifty bride

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

With Christmas just around the corner and a wedding to budget for too, it’s safe to say there’s going to be a nice dent in your bank balance in the near future. But if there’s an opportunity to save a pretty penny here and there and become a bit thrifty ahead of the big day, then why not? If things are a bit tight, or you just want to make your money go further for your wedding, then have a read of our 10 top tips on how to have a cheap wedding and see where you could potentially cut some costs - from winter weddings to second hand dresses, we've got some great ideas!

Second hand wedding dress

Wedding dresses can cost an absolute fortune, and when you think that you’re only going to be wearing it for one day, then shoving it in the wardrobe to reside for years to come, it really makes sense to consider second hand options if you’re trying to cut costs for your wedding day. So how about it? There’s plenty of pre loved wedding dress sites online, where you can be sure to grab a real bargain for a fraction of the price. You could even check out charity shops – Oxfam have a great online store with a whole load of dresses which are an absolute steal; most are second hand and some are even brand new! You can expect the likes of dresses for the vintage, classic or modern bride, with many dresses having been donated by designers for all you fashion focused brides out there! What’s more, you’ll be helping charity and looking after those pennies, so really it’s a win win situation!

Wedding insurance

This is a pretty important one and can vary in price, but it is a good security measure if you’ve paid both the suppliers and for the venue upfront, as it really does save your skin if one of the companies you’ve used does unfortunately go bust. There really would be nothing worse than losing all your hard saved money and having nowhere for your guests to go.

Do consider a winter wedding

Sure, a wedding in the summer is great, you might get a bit of sun, however that’s not guaranteed. Summer weddings are also much pricier than getting hitched in the winter, so how about looking into become man and wife in the cooler months? You never know, it might even snow, which would make for some great wedding photographs! Plus, if you get hitched in the lead up to Christmas, everything just feels that bit more magical, and you’ll be able to wear a really cute furry shrug.

Midweek weddings are cheaper

Although it’s probably easier for your guests having the wedding day on a weekend, you will be paying for that luxury for them. So really, it’s no wonder that midweek weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples wanting to get married. We’re certain that with a year’s or so notice that your guests will have absolutely no trouble getting some time off work, so there’s no need to worry about that! You could even do it on a Monday, then your guests will be able to enjoy a nice long weekend!

 High street Bridesmaid dresses

It’s always worth having a look for bridesmaid dresses on the high street – you’ll find a great selection of colours and styles at an affordable price. It’s even worth just doing a bit of window shopping on the high street, making a note of any dresses you like and then heading online to see if there are any discount codes or promotions available – even if you save 5-10% on the total with a cheeky little discount, every little helps!

 Cash back

If you’re buying anything for the wedding online, then you should consider using a cash back site which will pay you for doing shopping. Great news huh?  All you have to do is arrive on the cashback website, choose the online retailer that you want to visit through them, and your transaction with then be tracked with a code, and you’ll receive cashback. We must however state that you need to be sensible when using these sites and use your common sense. Genuine cashback sites such as Topcashback and Quidco are free to sign up to. Any sites that request a payment to register are not legit, so you must avoid these like the plague. We’ll emphasise that once more…you must avoid cashback sites where you have to pay like the plague!

Last minute holiday bookings

If you’re looking for a pretty decent saving on your honeymoon, then probably one of the best things to do is to book literally last minute. As in a week before you want to jet off last minute; heck, you could even get something booked a couple of days before you want to go. Either way, this is where you’re going to see the real savings on holiday packages, because at this time, Travel agents and tour operators are pretty desperate to fill any empty spaces on planes, so you’re bound to see a nice decrease in holiday prices. Sure, destination choices may or may not be limited, but if you’re a couple who really isn’t too fussed on where you go, then this is a great option which is definitely going to see a saving.

Perhaps you and your partner would rather avoid the package option and do things separately? If so, you’ll still be able to save some money on your accommodation by booking a ‘secret’ hotel online. The truth is, if you’ve got a bit of spare time, then they’re not really that secret at all, and you can work them out from the hotel description, its facilities and the hotel’s location, all with a little bit of investigative help from our good friend Google. So if you’re seeking a little bit of luxury with a great discount, then you know what to do!

Supermarket deals for bubbly

Who needs the caterers to supply the welcome drinks when you can get a great deal from a supermarket? Many supermarkets offer deals that when you buy so many bottles, you'll receive a discount, so it’s certainly one to look into! Check out the offers in store and online and stock up on some bargain booze for the big day - Bellini and Prosecco are always a winner!

Utilise friends and family

This is always a good one – do utilise friends and family if they have any links which could see you enjoy savings for the big day. Whether you know people who work (or they know others who do work) in catering, wedding supplies, retail, travel etc – it’s all worth asking around!

 Wedding gifts

Do think wisely about what you and your hubby would like to receive as a wedding present from friends and family; perhaps it’s something you were looking to buy for the home such as coffee machine, a kettle or even if you’d rather just have cash to pop into a savings account or spend how you wish, then do not be afraid. Gift cards can be good but these do have an expiry date and if anything happens to the business then you could lose the value of the gift card. Whatever the two of you would like as a present, why not get an online list going and inform guests of the link, where they’ll be able to see whose already bought what – it’s a great way of preventing duplicate presents!

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