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National Bridesmaids Day-how to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids!

National Bridesmaids Day-how to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids!

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How to pop the question to your bridesmaids…

You’ve been asked the big question and have the rock to prove it, but now it’s your turn to do the proposing, so just how will you ask the girls in your life to do you the honour of being your bridesmaids?

We think it’s worth going the extra mile-after all, though being a bridesmaid is loads of fun and there’s nothing better than seeing your best girl marry the man of her dreams, there’s also a whole host of duties involved-toilet trips, hen party organising and keeping the rest of the guests in check to name but a few.

That’s why here at Hen Heaven we’re celebrating National Bridesmaids Day in association with Butlers in the buff for the second year running on April 13th . We think for all the support they give us it’s nice to make a fuss of your best girls before you ask them to be a part of your big day, but if you’re lacking in inspo, fear not, because we’ve put together some of the cutest ways to pop the question…


The Treasure Hunt

Ok, so you’ll need a little extra time on your hands to pull this one off (but it’s totally worth it!) You might want to keep this one just for your maid of honour otherwise it could get expensive and tough to organise (if you do manage to do this for more than one maid kudos to you!)

Start off noting down memorable times in your friendship-perhaps that night out for your 21st birthday still has you both in stitches when you recount the tales, or maybe she’s seen you through a particularly hard time. Try to include a mixture of funny stories and ones where she’s been your rock.

You’ll need to make the stories fit with places around your house/garden/ wherever you’re planning your hunt so try to keep them simple. At the end of the hunt you can leave a present or a little card asking the question.

Going the extra aisle…If you really want to get some serious brownie points you can make this hunt more interactive by driving around to places you both know. This is great if you grew up together-you can visit your old school or the houses you grew up in for a real trip down memory lane.



A video

You don’t need to have the best editing skills or be photography whizz to make a video asking your bridesmaids to be a part of your big day. Simply grab your phone and a few mates/ your other half and you’re all set.

The main thing with a video is that it really is the thought that counts. If you do happen to be a vlogger by night, it’s great if your video looks the part, but even if your cam work is shaky and the lighting isn’t Insta-worthy, you can still create a little piece of history that your bridesmaids can treasure forever.

Some ideas we love include a hilarious rap if you fancy yourself as the next Nicki Minaj, or a song if singing is more your bag. Don’t forget if you’d prefer to do something more low key that  even a touching message recorded in a setting personal to you is a sweet gesture.

Going the extra aisle… Don’t forget to film her reaction…you never know, it could end up going viral!


A personalised keepsake

They’re the kind of gifts that Pinterest was made for-getting a cute personalised present asking you to take part in your best friend’s big day is always a winner. A necklace or adorable trinket box make a cute item to store in a memory box of the big day, and adding a personalisation is a thoughtful touch.

We love the gorgeous gift ideas from Posh Totty designs like these lush macaron boxes-the winner of our bridesmaid of the year competition will be treated to one of these too so be sure to join us on our social media pages to find out who the lucky girl is!


Get them ultra-gorgeous bridesmaid dresses

It might not be the easiest thing to buy in advance, but giving your besties cards with pictures of the bridesmaids dresses you’ve chosen for them asking them to be a part of your big day is a thoughtful way to get them excited about being a part of your wedding-plus it will show them they won’t have to wear a hideous dress!

We heart the dresses over at two birds bridesmaids-not only are they super stylish, but they can also be worn again-goodbye money wasting, hello multi-functional bargain! Our bridesmaid of the year will be given a gorgeous dress from the brand, but if you want to treat your girls there are plenty of pretty offerings!

We hope you're feeling inspired-don't forget to join us and celebrate your bridesmaids on National Bridesmaids Day over on our Twitter and Facebook pages on April 13th!

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