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Our 4 Favourite Alternative Weekend Ideas

Our 4 Favourite Alternative Weekend Ideas

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At Hen Heaven we understand that the one size fits all approach doesn’t work for planning Hen Parties. Every Hen is different, so doesn’t this mean that every Hen do should reflect that? That’s why we’ll work with you to ensure that your party is specific to you and your girls, giving you exactly the experience you’re after.


Your bride to be might not be the kind of girl who’ll enjoy plastic L plates and pink satin sashes, that doesn’t mean that she won’t have an amazing time as there’s a whole world of hen party activities out there. To give you an idea though, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite alternative hen do ideas.




1. Life Drawing




Life Drawing



At first glance, a chance to sit down, have a chat and practice your artistic skills may not sound like much. You might even be shocked to learn that it’s one of our very most popular activities. Although when you learn that your muse will be a super-sexy male model you might begin to see why so many ladies opt for life drawing on their hen party. And trust us, whether you’re an accomplished artist or total amateur, the creative juices will get flowing as soon as you see your visual inspiration drop their robes. That’s right – they’ll be 100% nude so you get to work on mastering ‘proportions’.



Life drawing provides a fantastically fun way of bringing together your girls for some laughs. The blend of naughty and nice makes it perfect for setting the tone of your hen weekend.




2.Comedy Club







Worried that your hen weekend might not be fun enough? Well let’s cure that source e of stress with a comedy club experience. After all, laughter is the best medicine! You’ll enjoy some joke-fuelled fun that’s guaranteed to put smiles on all your girls’ faces.



We’ll send you off to your city’s best comedy club to enjoy a great line up of top comics from across the country. You can start things with a pre-show meal and then it’s onto the comedy show.  With reserved seating you’ll be guaranteed perfect seating for whether you want to get involved with the comedian’s banter or just sit back and enjoy with your girls. What’s guaranteed is that the giggles will go on throughout!











You’ve been talking about the wedding for months; it’s only natural that nerves might be fraying a little. Now what better way is there to let out some pre-wedding jitters by blasting those worries away with hundreds of paintball pellets? Paintballing is one of the very most popular stag activities, but why should the guys get all the fun? So show that you’re not ladies to be messed with and put your war face on!



Paintballing is a great activity for the girls who want something a little different and want to get the adrenaline-pumping. It’s a far cry from the spa pampering that many associate with hen dos, but paintballing is just as fun (if very, very different). 




4.White Water Rafting




white water rafting



Now if you’re looking at Paintballing and thinking “Nah, not extreme enough for me.” Then never fear – Hen Heaven still has you covered. White Water Rafting is really one for the active hens out there. It’s a true test of team-spirit that will show the strength of the bonds between you and your girls as all you have to rely on is a wooden paddle, an inflatable raft, and one another!



Things are likely to get wet and wild, so if you’re the kind of girls who might worry about getting their hair damp White Water Rafting may not be quite right. But if you think you can handle the rapids, you’ll be enjoying one of the most exhilarating and memorable hen activities out there! Just maybe take it easy the night before, because trust us – taking the rapids is challenging enough without a hangover on board as well.



This is just a snapshot of some of the more alternative ideas out there that Hen Heaven can offer – the modern hen do is diverse and able to suit any group of ladies. But if you need a little more inspiration why not browse our blog for hen do ideas.



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