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Playlist Fridays #1: Cat's Running Trax

Playlist Fridays #1: Cat's Running Trax

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We’ve been posting party playlists on the Hen Heaven blog over the past few months, and although it is always great to have some tunes to stick on when you’re getting ready or getting on it, we thought it would be a great idea to offer up playlists for some other situations as well.

So step forward Cat, one of my fellow Online Content Editors, who has chosen a spritely selection of slammers to stick on your iPod or phone when you’re exercising. Cat tells me that this the kind of playlist she puts together when she exercises and goes running, so expect up-tempo tunes and songs that’ll push you to the very end:

1. Firestarter – The Prodigy - Can't really fault the first song on this playlist, a classic through and through and ideal for getting you in the right frame of mind to pound the pavement.

2. Work B*tch – Britney Spears - Practically any dance tune with a 4/4 beat and the right tempo is perfect for running, and I challenge anyone not to get lost in this song if you're listening and exercising.

3. POWER – Kanye West - Another great beat to keep you going. Much to my colleague Richard's annoyance I'm not a Kanye fan but I can see the reasons for this making it onto Cat's running playlist, a great song to work out to.

4. Ima BOSS (feat. Rick Ross)– Meek Mill - What more can I say about this tune as well? If you're on track to beat your PB or any other targets you've set yourself then you're almost definitely a BAWSE!

5. BOOM – P.O.D - I've always found rock and metal to be a pretty good style of music to listen to when you need to push yourself or need some motivation, and the way this songs doesn't seem to let down on its tempo throughout makes it a great fit on this list.

6. Ain’t a Party Without Me (feat. Harrison) – David Guetta, GLOWINTHEDARK - David Guetta has become a serial chart abuser over the past five years, and he seems to nail it every single time. His production is second to none, which makes those those synths and that big booming bass kick a great motivator. You just try slowing down if you're listening to this.

7. Antidote (radio edit) – Swedish House Mafia - As with David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia have been turning out some amazing tunes over the past few years. This is heavy, dirty, and just the right tempo for working out. Make sure you listen to the full version to push yourself that little bit harder for a little bit longer.

8. Pass Out – Tinie Tempah - I still can't get over how good this track is. I didn't like it the first time I heard it but after a few listens it clicked. A nice steady song until the last minute and a half, where a half step drum pattern gives way for a nice little Drum & Bass rinse out, which is great for pushing yourself to run faster for the last 30 seconds.

9. …To Be Loved – Papa Roach - This is quite catchy, and no doubt you'll find yourself repeating this one at times. Any song that has a bunch of gang shouts and 'woo hoo hoos' gets my vote really. All that is missing is a handclap breakdown, or maybe some cowbell.

10. Hell Yeah – Rev Theory - Riffs-a-plenty in this song, so I'm sold on this one. It's relentless with its tempo again, so yet again it is a great song to work out, run, or exercise to.

If you don't have a great run with this playlist maybe you need to turn it up louder :)

So there you have it, if you’re exercising this weekend then just load up this playlist on your Spotify App (don’t have Spotify? Download it for your Apple or Android smartphone), and away you go!

However, if you’re out raving and partying this weekend you can take a look at all of our previous Hen Party Playlists to find some tunes for your night out.


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