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Seven places to get married...

Seven places to get married...

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

There’s no doubt a luxury hotel or a castle fit for a princess make a totally dreamy place to celebrate your big day, but sometimes you just want to do something different. Weddings aren’t one size fits all, so finding the perfect venue for your style is a must. If you’re fed up of function rooms and bored of buffets, why not consider one of these ideas for your nuptials…

An exotic beach


It might not be the most practical in terms of flying your guests out and the cost involved with hotels, flights out before the wedding, and trying to organise plans from half way across the other side of the world, but if you can pull it off, an exotic wedding is a real show stopper. Try Thailand, the Caribbean or Barbados for the wow factor.
It’s best to only consider this option if you’re having a small wedding and if you know your nearest and dearest can afford to splash the cash, but you’d be surprised how much money you can save on décor-after all, there’s no better look in your big day photos than stunning scenery and some sunshine-and best of all, if you choose the right location these things are free!

A zoo


This is the perfect wedding idea if you’ve got children coming, or you’re just a big kid at heart! It’s a great way to show your fun side if you’re not a traditional kinda couple, plus as a bonus you’ll have some pretty amazing photo opportunities!
London zoo offer wedding receptions for those who fancy getting hitched in the capital. Be sure to think about how you’re dressed if you want to monkey around on your big day-the last thing you want is to be navigating your way round a muddy field to get to your reception if you have a beautiful fairy-tale style dress.

It’s best to check ahead how you can get around, and if you’re a shy bride remember unless you have a budget that can close the entire zoo, there will probably be lots of the public staring!

A hot air balloon


If you want to be head and shoulders above the rest, a hot air balloon trip on your wedding day is something you’ll remember forever. It’s not exactly the most sociable of wedding ideas though, so if you’re set on a big wedding it’s probably not the idea for you.

Croatia, France and Switzerland all have amazing scenery if you like the idea of flying high on your big day. It’s worth thinking about the time of year and the place you’ll be getting married if you want to give this a go, as bad weather is a no-go.

A planetarium


Who doesn't want their wedding to be out of this world? A planetarium is way more glam than it sounds. Newcastle has a venue that offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their big day with a star studded bash. Think twinkly lights and a romantic mood setting. It’s definitely a setting that will give your wedding pictures the wow factor, and if you’re having children at the wedding, they’ll be fascinated for hours-what’s not to love?!

An aquarium


If you want to make a splash on your big day, why not celebrate in an aquarium? Many have function rooms where you can host your knees up, and then you can slip away for some exotic photo opportunities with the venue’s marine life. It’ll definitely prove a talking point for your guests and if you want your day to go swimmingly, we think this is the perfect setting!

A treehouse


If you and your hubby-to-be are the outdoor types, what could be more fitting than a treehouse wedding? A cut above the competition, think fairy lights and tea lights to take your big day to new heights. Perfect for a cosy affair, this is the stuff winter wedding dreams are made of, though they’re equally as fitting on a balmy summer evening. If you’re having a spring wedding, it’s worth making the most of the outside space for your reception if the weather holds up. Some of the best treehouses can be found in Scotland, the New Forest and Northumberland.

A theme park

For a fun filled day, it’s worth considering life in the fast lane with a theme park wedding. After all, you’re about to embark on the biggest ride of your life in to your days as a married woman, so why not start as you mean to go on? Ok, so we know it isn't the most practical for dresses and heels, but at least you won’t have to worry about the entertainment! Of course, the ultimate in wonderland weddings has to be Disney-after all, if you can’t be a fairy tale Princess on your wedding day, when can you?!