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The Best Locations For Weddings In The Woods Or Scenic Locations

The Best Locations For Weddings In The Woods Or Scenic Locations

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

 Have you ever dreamt of an outdoor wedding?

Every woman’s dream is to have a wedding that oozes romantic sophistication and style in a beautiful, scenic location. It is perhaps classic, romance novels and films that have projected this idealistic perception of marriage into the female mind, however, why shouldn’t we strive to host a day of perfection, a day that is completely picture perfect?

The Wedding Celebration has been prominent in history for hundreds of years and it is known to most that it began as a religious ceremony. Marriage was believed to be a gift from God and one that should not be taken for granted. It guides husband and wife down the right path to engage in sexual relations and to build a family life. Not all of us are as devout as our historic cousins and for many of us, religious or not, marriage is simply a declaration of love and commitment which is usually celebrated with and in front of friends and family. Many of us have decided to eschew the tradition of a church wedding and seek something a little wilder.

Historically, weddings were small and relatively informal, in fact, prior to the wedding service being written into the Book of Common Prayer, couples could simply promise themselves to one another at any time or place. The spoken word was as good as the written contract. (I hate to imagine the infidelity problems of the modern world if this was still a rule of thumb today.) Luckily, it isn’t.

In an ideal world, we want to get married once and celebrate in the most lavish, formal and in-your-face way we possibly can. The average British wedding, according to the Money Saving Expert is going to cost all you brides-to-be a whopping, £20,000 for dresses, food, photos and all. That’s a lot of saving and understandably, if that’s what the big day is going to cost you, you’re going to want everything to be executed the way you have always dreamed.

Outdoor wedding photos and the ‘just married’ husband and wife running into the distance of bucolic and unspoiled scenery, has always been how I’ve pictured the fairy-tale wedding and it seems many of you women feel the same way.  We have put together some miraculous wedding photos to inspire you brides-to-be! 


A Cliff edge, certainly not for everyone, particularly those who are acrophobic, though it's fair to say these photos are dreamy! Anything with a view makes a wonderful photo, photos from close and long range both still give the impact of height, making the scene appear entirely enchanting! 

These two got married at the edge of a 1,500ft drop in Yosemite and radiated perfect happiness throughout the day.

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There is something very romantic about water and the still water in this photo seems a gorgeous wedding setting! The vast open space provides the illusion that there is no one but the two figures in the photo, perfect for fantastical wedding shots! 

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For those of you who don't mind a little bite in the air, what's more romantic than a winter wedding with snow on the ground and mist in the air? The snow topped trees in these shots are incredibly enchanting and charming.

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Many of us are keen for a summer wedding and summer weather for the special day so coastline is perfect.  These shots taken on California coastline are idyllic!

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Nightfall also provides a whimsical aura to wedding photos, particularly at sunset as beautiful silhouettes are formed in the dimming light. 


Unfortunately for us English, it is not legal for us to married outside unless it is under a fixed and permanent structure. This means that particularly exotic destinations, such as a cliff edge are unfeasible. Nevertheless, this does not stop you planning to be wed in a location that is close to similar scenes seen above. There are many photographers willing to venture out with you to create memorable and special wedding photos in organic environments. 

If you are interested in having outdoor wedding photos, here is what you need to know:

  • Make sure you are allowed to use the land or you have permission
  • Make sure you have something to wrap up warm in, we all know if you're a UK citizen that the weather can't be predicted.
  • If you looking for views, be prepared to travel!
  • Consult your photographer first as lighting and other techy bits may be required
  • Think of props or any little-added extras that may make the photo work 
  • You CAN, legally get married in Scotland in the outdoors, and the country boasts beautiful scenery... something to think about?