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The best wedding Instagram accounts to follow

The best wedding Instagram accounts to follow

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

Chances are you’ve heard of Instagram (unless you’ve been living under a rock) and if you haven’t then you should seriously consider getting it. Artists, photographers, florists and wedding planners have taken to uploading stunning photos in a bid to inspire all you brides out there. However with an ocean of mixed quality accounts out there, who do you choose to follow? The one’s we’ve carefully chosen of course! Because after trawling through all the pretty photos we’ve accumulated a list that we’re proud of and we think you’ll love. So in no particular order here are our favourite Instagram accounts to follow.

Before the wedding there has to be a proposal and though we know that weddings take a long time to plan, some proposals can take a long time to plan as well. So to celebrate all the men who make the effort to put together special and sometimes grand proposals, this company posts photos of happy couples who have just started on their wedding journey.

Pitching themselves as every bride’s BFF, we’d be inclined to agree: the lovely ladies and gents at Wedding Magazine have long been our friends. They cover everything from announcing your engagement to planning the actual big day. Honestly, this website /magazine is an encyclopaedia of weddings and if you can’t find it here then chances are you won’t find it anywhere else.

If you’re looking for rustic, fine art inspired weddings then this is the Instagram account you need. It’s packed full of stunning artisanal weddings that incorporate plenty of greenery, flora and fauna. Favouring the less traditional wedding, we think all your nature loving brides are gonna be following this account faster than you can say “fern bouquet”.

One for all the alternative brides out there we love Rock n’ Roll Bride and we have actually had the pleasure of meeting Kat in person at the 2014 Wedding Blogger Awards. Expect bright hair, tattoos and buckets of gorgeous quirky and beautifully different wedding ideas.

It’s almost a given that you should follow Vera Wang when you get engaged. She’s the Godmother of wedding dresses after all. Seriously… I really shouldn’t have to explain why.

As the name would suggest this is a fab little account to follow if you’re a lady who is into all the small (but important!) details. After all it’s the small details that will make your event stand out from every other wedding. Admittedly the account itself is not wedding specific, however I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone onto their account and thought “Oooh! That’d be so cute for a wedding!”

Another account that’s great for ladies who love attention to detail: it’s filled with beautiful floral arrangements and divine looking cakes. Not to mention the beautiful table arrangements they upload! So. Much. Pretty.

Sporting an array of stunning dresses, BHLD is one of the best accounts to follow if you’re seeking vintage inspired wedding ideas. They have their own shop on their website too, so if there is anything you fancy on their Instagram feed then you can actually buy it.

I’ve been to an Indian wedding, and I’ve not been to a wedding quite as colourful or as beautiful since. The attention to detail that goes into everything is astounding and as much as I love traditional western wedding dresses, there’s a mesmerising beauty to wedding sari’s which deserves their own spotlight in my opinion.