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The cost of attending a wedding in a lifetime

The cost of attending a wedding in a lifetime

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Tis' the wedding season, and here at Hen Heaven we are very excited about it. The sun is shinning and the light summer breeze is upon us. Brides to be and their closest pals begin to plan the hen do, which is of course one of the most exciting weekends in a woman's life. Think sipping champagne, learning some burlesque moves, making top shelf cocktails, wine and dining, partying in some of UK's night clubs, followed by next day pampering in a luxury spa; it all goes down at the bachelorette party. Some brides to be choose to have their hen parties abroad soaking in the sun in Barcelona, or perhaps party the weekend away in Ibiza; whilst others prefer to remain in the UK and enjoy the diversity London provides, or the wild nightlife Brighton has to offer. There is a perfect destination for every hen party. Recent research we have conducted suggested that 18% of hen or stag guests borrow money to be able to attend, which is kind of a big deal if you think about it! As a bridesmaid or a friend who is part of the bridal shower, you have to be prepared and start saving because once the hen do is over, the wedding is to follow.







Weddings are lovely though. Nothing compares to a good old party in the name of love, celebrating your bestie's success in finding her lifelong soulmate. There is plenty of food and with that comes plenty of booze and where there's booze, there's a good party . There will be tears, declarations of love, dancing, listening some some hilarious speeches, bonding with people whom you've never met before or perhaps have not seen for a long time. You get to chat to the weird uncle and have a drink with the cute grandma who wore her pearls and her 1920's hat.  It goes without saying that when it comes to such an important event, price should not be an issue. But we all know that every couple has different expectations and each wedding will be different. Lets not forget that once one friend gets married, the rest naturally follow. It's the cycle of life isn't it, that's what happens.  So then you have to ask yourself, how many weddings will you potentially attend in a lifetime? And with that, how much do you think you will have to spend? Some couples will choose to have their weddings abroad, which will be a bit bitter sweet because everybody loves a good getaway but your wallet may not be that equipped for it.  Think about all the new outfits, shoes, accommodation, food, drinks, travel costs, wedding gifts and other extras that may come with attending these love filled ceremonies!










We have recently conducted some research and discovered what the cost of attending a wedding IN A LIFETIME ads up to. On average, a person will attend 15 weddings in their life, with majority taking place during a ten year period... that's a lot of weddings! Results from our research suggests that the total cost of attending a wedding in a lifetime is £20, 220. Although this may sound like an insane amount, these events are pivotal moments which will create beautiful memories lasting a lifetime. We took in consideration everything that we could think off, from new clothes price tags to accommodation and childcare. There are so many things to consider when attending a wedding, which we often forget about until the moment, which can feel overwhelming. So without keeping you in too much more suspense, lets take a look at the interesting results in more depth:


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